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Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players,

In response to players giving us feedback that the game has not launched, the PhysX System Software is now part of the installation process - If you already have the game installed , you won't notice this change. All new installs and all reinstalls from this point forward will install the latest Phys X software. As always please continue to use the thread that's stickied in the forum if you encounter any trouble launching the game and give us as much information as you can about your system that your running and I will pass this onto my QA manager.

Thank you as always for your feedback , and thank you for supporting Crazy Machines and Viva Media!

Jason Carver
Community Support at Encore Software / Viva Media
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players,

Thank you for your patience while I replenished our stock of Jewel Digger Keys.Please check the Crazy Machines 2 Forums on how to obtain your free Jewel Digger Key for Bundle Stars Purchases.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Crazy Machines 2 players -

My QA Manager has given me a new allocation for 25 keys for Jewel Digger DLC. This is for purchasers of the Crazy Machines Complete Bundle on Bundle Stars. Keys for Jewel Digger were not included for some reason so we are making up for this by manually handing out keys on Steam.

To get one, please email me your bundle stars receipt and I will reply with a key code.

One key per customer.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players,

We realize that our newly released DLC Jewel Digger, came out after our offering of the Crazy Machines Complete Bundle on Bundle Stars. Since these games give individual keys and not the complete bundle like our offering on Steam does, it's difficult to determine to come up with the best solution to this. We have contacted all parties involved with this bundle and were working on seeing how we can add this content to people who had purchased on Bundlestars. I will keep everyone updated when we find a solution.

Thank you,

Jason Carver
Community Support at Encore Software / Viva Media.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players,

We have fixed the issue where the Jewel Digger Content was not visible on the store listing under Crazy Machines 2. So it's easier for players to now buy the DLC and not have to reference my posting on the forums.

The second portion of business I would like to discuss is that owners of Crazy Machines 2 Complete and our Crazy Machines Complete package should be able to download the Jewel Digger DLC without extra charge. However it's not listed in those store pages. I will be posting this as a sticky note on the Crazy Machines 2 forum. In conclusion, please do the following : Launch Crazy Machines 2 and see if that content is in there (Jewel Digger) If it is , please post on the forum in the thread I am going to create , if it is not , please post it there too. My QA manager said it only makes sense that our buyers of these two packages should be able to access at no additional charge since you already purchased the package. (We did this for Crazy Machines Complete with the inclusion of Golden Gears)

As always we are always here for you , if you have any questions, please continue on the forums.

Thank you for your support of Crazy Machines on Steam and Viva Media!

Jason Carver
Community Support at Encore Software / Viva Media
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players

I am happy to annouce our newest DLC pack Jewel Digger has been released! It is an add on for Crazy Machines 2. However for some reason it's not listed on our store page. We are in the middle of getting this fixed.

In the mean time here is the link for the store listing for this add on.


Also we would like to remind users that if you are having problems running Crazy Machines 2 , our Manager and Marketing Department has the following advice to give :

Make sure that if you have problems running you have the latest :

a. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)


b. DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Until May 12 , pick up this game for only $5.10 as part of Steam's week long sale event.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
As part of Steam's week long sale, grab Crazy Machines for only $3.39 until May 12th.
Product Release - Valve
The Invaders From Space DLC, new content for Crazy Machines 2, is now available on Steam and 10% off until Friday, August 3rd at 10AM PDT!

Invaders from Space have come to add extra terrestrial challenge to Crazy Machines 2! Meet Flinky, the bouncy alien and slimy Species 1337 as you take on anti-gravity, break out the robots, and aim your laser beams! Use your wits and be ready to encounter alien intelligence in the craziest mission ever from outer Space!

Product Release - Valve
Crazy Machines Elements - Collision Course & Mental Activity DLC is now available on Steam!

Now that you’ve wet your feet with Elements, it’s time to dig in and put your mind to work on even more brain sizzling fun. Indulge your curiosity and open up the Gadget Fun Pack to find a selection of puzzles like Up and Away, House of Cards, Twins and Helpful UFO. Start building and solve each level as you think your way through each zany challenge. Reward yourself with more amazing levels in the Tricky Riddles game pack. Just when you think you've one upped Einstein, dare yourself to open up the Mindbreakers challenge pack.


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