Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Hello Fans,

It has been brought to our attention that the Back To The Shop DLC content has been causing some crashing behavior for some. After further analysis, we found the Anniversary DLC to be the problem. If you uncheck the Anniversary DLC in the in game browser, the Back To The Shop items will work.

This is a temporary workaround for the above behavior until our developers can find a permanent solution for the crashing behavior.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Fans,

We have partnered with Gaming Trends to offer up some copies of Crazy Machines 2 10th Anniversary Edition.

All you have to do is head on over here:

And enter their contest. Please note, this contest ends on July 3rd, 2015 so get your entries in.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Hi everyone!

There has been some concerns that CM2.exe is flagged by some A/V vendors as a malicious file. We want you to know that our files are 100% virus free and with any game developer, there is this very tiny chance that the coding of the files resembles a malicious threat. This is never intended. While we thank our fans for the reports, as a work around it is suggested to add the games directory to the exclusion list. It is also suggested that our fans contact the security software vendors respectively and let them know our game is not malicious. This can help get the game whitelisted so it won't be flagged in future security update signatures.

Happy Gaming! And if there is ever anything I can help with please drop us a note in the forum, add me as a friend and discuss in private message or personally email me at

Jason Carver
Community Moderator at Encore Software
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Hi everyone,

We have fixed the issue where Crazy Machines 2 Anniversary DLC was not showing up in the store listing. You should be able to easily purchase this downloadable content now. If you see anything unusual in our store listing such as items that don't show up as purchasable, or other visual abnormalities, please let me know and I'd be more then happy to help. You can add me as a friend (Imalittlebear) or personally email me at and I'll make sure our QA team sees your feedback.

Thank you for your loyalty for the CM series, we hope you enjoy this new content! (And if you have not already check out the fantastic sale we're having on the other games in the series as well)

Jason Carver
Community Moderator at Encore Software
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Hi everyone!

We're aware of an issue where our new Anniversary Edition DLC for Crazy Machines 2 is not showing up in the store page. You can use the following link below in the mean time to purchase the DLC. We have reached out to Steam regarding this issue and I will update everyone when it gets resolved.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Fans,

We are happy to annouce that Trading Cards, as requested by you, the fans has been made a reality. You can view these cards in the badges section. In addition, we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Crazy Machines with a special "Anniversary Edition" DLC that is also on sale for a limited time.

Finally, all of the Crazy Machines series have a nice discount on them as part of the Steam week-long sale promotion. We hope you enjoy these games as well.

Thank you fans for making Crazy Machines a popular, well known title in the "Contraption" genre of games!

Jason Carver
Community Moderator at Encore Software / Viva Media
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
We are looking for seasoned beta testers to test an upcoming release in Crazy Machines 2. I can't tell you what it is just yet but we need some testers.

In order to test you must have a significant amount of playtime on the Crazy Machines 2 game and beta testing experience is suggested.

If you feel like you may be a fit candidate for the beta test please send the following details to

1. A screenshot of your total playing time on Crazy Machines 2

2. Your Steam profile name (also provide your login name but please don't put in your password)

3. An explanation why you love the Crazy Machines 2 game

4. How you think you can shape the future of this game.

Please note, all submissions to my email address is not a guarantee for acceptance in the beta test. I screen applicants carefully and will choose accordingly.
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Gamers,

If you have a moment, please visit the Crazy Machines 2 forums and check out the feature request and bug fix request thread and let us know what you think should be improved in future versions of the program and or updates. You can post as many suggestions as you like , so thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Hi everyone. I'm proud to let you know our newest product Pirates DLC is now available from Steam.

A brief description : Yo! Ho! Ho! Welcome to the Caribbean where dark pirate magic sparks life into new objects! Check out a pirate’s treasure trove of odd new items and puzzle your way through explosive new levels!

Our newest DLC content can be purchased for $2.99

Thank you all for your continued support of Crazy Machines 2! We love our fans! Have fun!

Jason Carver
Community Manager at Encore Software
Community Announcements - ImALittleBear
Dear Players,

I aplogize for the belated update but our Jewel Digger content was fixed awhile back and I forgot to to mention this , so please let us know in the forums if you are able to progress through the whole DLC. If you are still not able to, use the bug thread in the forums to post and I will follow up with QA.

Thank you very much for your support for CM2,

Jason M Carver
Community Support at Encore Software

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