Garry's Mod - Rubat
We've pushed a hotfix for an issue that is causing some clients and servers to have huge lag spikes when writing to SQLite databases. Just update your servers
Garry's Mod - Rubat

Fixes Fixes Fixes Fixes Fixes

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  • Updated BASS.DLL to
  • Potentially improved vrad.exe performance
  • Better "Error loading gamemode:" errors that actually describe what's wrong
  • Fixed support for Zombie Panic! Source mounting
  • Fixed hammer_update_entity console command crashing the game
  • Fixed a bunch of different exploits
  • Added translations for env_fire and npc_fisherman when shown in the kill feed
  • Updated TTT to the latest version
  • Increased offset for rollermine to prevent it from spawning below ground
  • Changed maximum value for Frame Blend's Shutter slider so it doesn't just black screen
  • Changed the link on the version button in main menu to link to the new website
  • Updated all built in weapons to work better with NPCs
  • Properly turn off thirdperson on level shutdown
  • Fixed certain tools erroring when their console variables are set to "nan"
  • Applied a potential fix to stop tooltips from being displayed when they are not meant to be displayed
  • Improved flashlight effect on custom entities
  • Fixed Stunstuck sprites rendering in weird positions
  • Clientside ragdolls of dead NPCs will now properly inherit material override
  • Serverside ragdolls of dead NPCs will now properly inherit color and material override
  • Added NPC.GetCurrentSchedule
  • Added File.ReadUShort
  • Added File.ReadULong
  • Added File.WriteUShort
  • Added File.WriteULong
  • Added CreatePhysCollideBox
  • Added PhysCollide:TraceBox
  • Added PhysCollide:Destroy
  • Added PhysCollide:IsValid
  • Added mesh.UserData
  • Added ENT:GetRenderMesh
  • Added GM.PlayerDroppedWeapon( ply, wep )
  • Added CNavArea.SetCostSoFar( num )
  • Added type error to render.Capture
  • NextBot functions now properly error if used on invalid entity
  • IMesh:BuildFromTriangles can do userdata too
  • Fixed errors when calling Setup() without second argument on DProperty_Float and DProperty_Int
  • Fixed deriving from DDragBase requiring to define OnModified
  • Fixed Panel.InvalidateChildren being always recursive
  • Fixed Panel.NewAnimation ease values 0-1 being weird
  • Fixed calling SetAllowWeaponsInVehicle( false ) in PlayerLeaveVehicle hook breaking weapon selection
  • Fixed DBinder not working when its convar is set to NaN
  • Fixed DBinder overriding SetSelected( bool )
  • Fixed util.GetModelInfo crashing with empty string
  • Fixed a crash issue with Weapon functions
  • Fixed NeedsDepthPass not working for addons
  • Fixed string.Comma with very large numbers
  • NextBot.GetRangeSquaredTo now actually works the way it's intended to, by returning squared range
  • Updated most render library functions to not lock up when a Lua type error occurs during function execution
  • Prevent potential stack overflows in scripted_ents.Get
  • Fixed the utf8 library failing with certain UTF8 strings
  • Switched base_anim to CBaseAnimatingOverlay, allowing more functions to be used on "anim" entities
  • DProperty_VectorColor now works with standard colors as well ( vector color support unchanged )
  • Added better type checking and error output to NextBot.GetRange(Squared)To()
  • render.Capture can no longer capture Steam Overlay
  • cam.Start() will now error when given no arguments
  • Removed NPC.RemoveMemory

Unlike many previous updates, this one will require servers to update before you can join them. We try to keep such updates to a minimum, but it was necessary for this update.

This means that for a certain time after the update you may get a message such as "The server is running an older version of the game" when connecting to your favourite servers. You will have to wait for servers to update before you can join them again.

You CANNOT downgrade to a previous version of the game.
Garry's Mod - Rubat
Hi everyone,

We are planning to put out the next Garry's Mod update next week.

You can find the list of changes that will be coming here:

Pre-release Steam Branch
The Pre-Release Steam branch for Garry's Mod has been updated and contains all the changes that will be included in the next update.

Please note that this update NOT backwards compatible with the current version of the game, so you won't be able to play on normal servers.

If you want to set up an SRCDS instance using the Pre-Release branch, see this article:
Garry's Mod - Buck Sexington

Over the years, Trouble in Terrorist Town has been one of the most enduring Garry's Mod modes, if not to play then certainly to watch. We got in touch with TTT's creator Stefan (aka Bad King Urgrain) to talk about how it came together, how it sprung from another mod, why people are still playing his duplicitous deathmatch, and what Gabe Newell thinks about it.

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Garry's Mod - Buck Sexington

What if Gordon Freeman didn't exist? That's the premise behind Haven, a 40 minute experimental machinima that has just been released, filmed in Garry's Mod. I wasn't even 10 minutes into watching it when I started making notes to send to the creator, because I had so many questions about how something like this was possible.

Come and watch the whole thing, and read how film-maker Daniel Schetter crafted one of the most impressive pieces of machinima you'll ever see.

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Nov 21, 2017
Garry's Mod - Rubat

Hotfix for a bug that players are using to crash servers with the Physgun.

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  • Fixed an exploit that allows players to crash servers with the physgun
Garry's Mod - Buck Sexington

The story of MachineCult's dupes. From towering Combine mechs, to junk ships and more.

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Nov 15, 2017
Garry's Mod - Rubat

This update fixes some common crashes, including a crash caused by particles from a recent Team Fortress 2 update.

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  • Added input.SelectWeapon( entity )
  • Fixed particle crashes on map load related to the recent Team Fortress 2 update
  • Fixed a couple exploits, including one that can prevent your game from starting up
  • Fixed a crash related to Awesomium ftp:// link redirects
  • Fixed halo effect Physgun on bouncy balls being square instead of circular
  • Reduced user's ability of being able to exploit the "Remove" property to delete everything on the map on servers with clientside Lua enabled

Update errors
If your anti virus detected any game files as a potential virus - It's a FALSE POSITIVE. This is a common problem with FREE anti virus software. Report it as such with your anti virus program. You can also add the game ( or those files ) into exceptions.

To restore the wrongly deleted files, simply verify the game cache integrity through Steam.
Half-Life 2

This feature originally ran in issue 310 of PC Gamer UK. You can currently subscribe to both US and UK versions of the magazine for less than their usual price thanks to a holiday promotion.  

My name is Pritus Jenkins, Citizen #00670. I know this number by heart because in the last few hours I've had to recite it around five times. Such is life as a citizen in City 17, where the alien Combine which patrol the streets love nothing more than to stop and harass me. I'm playing on a multiplayer Garry's Mod server, roleplaying Half-Life 2. But the role I play isn’t that of a hero. I am no Gordon Freeman. I am Pritus Jenkins, a 55-year-old man with a limp. And I’m hungry.

If Half-Life 2’s roleplaying community were a food, it’d be the bland, mushy packet of rations I receive hourly from the dispensary located just off the central square of the dystopian city. This isn’t a place for grand adventures and bravery, but a community of hundreds dedicated to experiencing the hopeless oppression of a society crushed under authoritarian alien rule.

Half-Life 2 roleplayers are a hardcore bunch. Even the Combine soldiers, toting weapons and bureaucratic power, are hopelessly chained by their dedication to believable roleplay. When it’s my turn to receive my rations, which are handed out by Combine players every hour, I’m asked to 'apply'—to state my name and Citizen ID. The Combine soldier uses emotes to inform me that they're looking up my file in the tablet they’re holding. I stand there, silent, for an uncomfortably long number of seconds. Then the Combine soldier turns around, grabs a unit of rations, and shoves them into my character's hands. That player will do this countless times as other citizens, like me, stop by to get their food.

As I walk around and explore the ruined alleys and dilapidated streets of this City 17 district, I can see the other citizens looking at me. Some talk amongst one another in whispers, while others lean against walls using in-game emotes to smoke imaginary cigarettes. It's an almost perfect recreation of the mood of Half-Life 2's opening hour, only with real players instead of computer actors playing out the mundane minutes of their pointless lives.

After a few minutes, one player approaches me but just as he's about to say something, a Combine soldier comes around the corner. He turns away. When the Combine soldier passes, the man immediately turns back and heads back my way.

"Ugly," he says.

"What did you just call me?" I type back. There is no voice chat, so every exchange is written in a text box on the lower left of my screen.

The man turns and walks away. Hesitant about what I should do, I decide to pursue him at a distance. I don't know these streets, I don't know these people. But maybe if I follow this man to his destination, he'll do something suspicious and I can report him to a Combine soldier and get him arrested.

After a few minutes of stalking him, the man stands before a locked gate. I crouch behind a piece of corrugated steel, watching and hoping he'll do something dumb.

"Citizen, apply!"

I turn around to find a Combine soldier right behind me. Without complaint, I tell him my name and Citizen ID.

"Face the wall," the soldier commands, and I wonder if the few minutes I spent on this server are about to come to a depressing end. "What were you doing?"

"N-nothing, sir," I say. "I thought I dropped something."

Without another question, the Combine places a zip tie around my hands, binding them so that I can't attack him—not that I'd be able put up a fight anyway. Out of the corner of my eye I see the citizen I was following scoff at me.

"I've been watching you for a while," the Combine soldier tells me. "You’re acting pretty suspicious. I'm going to take you in for questioning. Follow me."

Not sure what to do—or even what I could do—I turn around and begin to follow the soldier.


I turn around and see the other citizen staring at me. His character wears a blank expression, but there's a smugness about it too. I've been roleplaying in Garry's Mod for maybe 20 minutes now, and already I've come face to face with the cruelty of its world. Somewhere, far from here, Gordon Freeman and the Resistance might be fighting to liberate the people of City 17, I imagine. But as the Combine soldier leads me to the ebony black doors of the Combine headquarters in this area, I fear I won’t be one of them. 

Garry's Mod - Buck Sexington

Hello! We're back with a look at the work of Crazy Knife, another scenebuilder whose work completely blew us away.

His obsession lies in bringing the real world into Garry's Mod, turning real rocks into in-game backdrops, remaking real-world frescoes, or tweaking architecture into impossible shapes. He's worked on builds that could be a snapshot of a real world street, but has also crafted surreal structures, sci-fi brutalist landscapes, and more. We really enjoyed hearing about how he turned mashed potatoes and Renaissance symmetry into Garry's Mod art, and we hope you will as well. Read about him and his work here.

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