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With changes ranging from factions to commanders to maps, the December Update is one of the most comprehensive balance patches we’ve ever released and we couldn't have done it without the continued support and dedication from this community. We hope you have a blast playing it over the holiday season! Please visit the Official Forums for the full list of changes included with this update.

To say that this is a Relic update for COH2 would not be giving the members of this community that put in the countless hours to make it possible justice. The map revamp changes are soley possible and thanks to the hard work of community map makers such as Capiqua, Siphon X, Lord Rommel, Pigsoup, MonolithicBacon and WhiteFlash combined with the dedication of strategists such as SOE-Sturmpanther whom provided them with constant competitive feedback and helped organize the map balance changes for release.

The balance changes coming in the December Update were definitely a group effort from the community as the December Balance Preview went through over 10 iterations in a span of roughly six weeks as feedback kept pouring in from all different types of players and perspectives. However, if it wasn't for the countless hours of reading and responding to feedback, testing changes, implementing feedback and updating the DBP mod, and editing and writing patch notes from Mr. Smith and Miragefla, the quality and quantity of changes that are coming with this balance update would be but a fraction of what they are today. No amount of thanks is good enough for the amount of work put into this update from this community but nonetheless it needs to be said; everyone here at Relic thanks you for your continued passion and commitment to the Company of Heroes franchise, its ongoing success and improvement would not be possible without you.

While we’re at it, we want to thank you for being part of the community that’s helped the game grow and improve over the past 4.5 years. Looking at the current patch versus the game in June 2013; the change is staggering! Working more closely and openly with you through the balance preview mods has allowed us to consistently deliver strong balance updates over the past 18 months – a spirit we plan to carry forward into future developments of the franchise!

In light of the road travelled, we have a small favor to ask. If you appreciate how the game has improved since COH2’s initial launch, we would like you to consider leaving a Steam review or revising an existing review to reflect the current state of the game.

Also, help us teach new players the ropes! As infectious as they can be, RTS games are pretty daunting for newcomers. While tutorials and community guides are great, nothing beats friendly human interactions. So, let’s put that Christmas spirit to good use, share the gift of RTS with our friends, and work together to make the Company of Heroes community, bigger, better and stronger.


Happy Holidays,
The Company of Heroes Team
Company of Heroes 2

Hey, do you want Company of Heroes 2 for free? Yeah you do. So what you want to do is head over to the Humble Store sometime over the next couple of days, and click the button that says "Free!" 

Now, having dispensed with the technicalities, let's have a look at the game. Company of Heroes 2 is a World War 2 RTS developed by Relic and released in 2013. Despite its age, it still has a substantial following: SteamCharts says it had a peak concurrent player count of more than 9100 today, a little under half its all-time peak of 20,747.   

That's not bad for game that's four years old, but not really surprising either. We cited it last month as one of the best videogame depictions of the Second World War, thanks to the way "it gave each of its distinct companies a beating heart—voiced officers who each represented an archetype of the types of people who got caught up in the war." 

We also gave it a very solid 80/100 score in our review

The Humble Store also has all the Company of Heroes 2 DLC on sale too, except for the British Forces for some reason. Your best bet, if you're just getting into all this, is the Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection, which includes the base game and almost all the DLC (Ardennes Assault: Fox Company Rangers isn't included) for $10.   

The Company of Heroes 2 DLC is on sale until December 18, but the COH2 freebie is only good until 12 pm ET on December 16. 

Call of Duty®

World War II has been the backdrop for hundreds of PC games in the time since the Allies declared victory, but not all of them get it right. Stereotypes or absurd action setpieces leave historians shaking their heads, and at this point we've seen the same famous battled played out so many times. What would it look like to cobble together a game made from the best depictions of those moments, spread across years and genres?

These are our favorite representations of key World War II moments and battles. Like the games of our most historically accurate PC games, not all of them would pass muster at an academic conference. But they're all commendable for capturing some element of the conflict in a way that shows a reverent, compelling attention to detail.

Best D-Day landing - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 

While Allied Assault’s graphics don’t hold up flawlessly today, it felt grippingly real in 2002. The developers tried to make us feel like we were in Saving Private Ryan, and they knocked it out of the park. I can still hear the final instructions before being dumped into the surf echo in my mind: “Head for cover and get to the shingle! I’ll see you on the beach!”

I was genuinely tense as the ramp to my transport lowered, putting me directly in the line of German machine gun fire. My heart raced as I watched my fellow soldiers drop like flies all around me. Finally reaching safety was pure euphoria. Many games have tried to recreate that feeling since, and none have truly succeeded in such a gut-wrenching fashion.

Best Battle of the Bulge - Call of Duty 1

It’s easy to forget Call of Duty began as a single-player focused World War II shooter that rose to prominence in an era when it was compared favorably by critics and fans to Medal of Honor and Battlefield. The most memorable mission from the original game (and perhaps in the whole series) was the capstone of the American campaign, “Festung Recogne”. It flips the pacing of Normandy on its head. Rather than a sense of dread at the carnage you know is to come, it lulls you into a false calm before the first wave of Germany’s most infamous counter-attack of the war takes you off-guard.

Infinity Ward did an excellent job of making the assault feel unexpected, and the fight to stabilize the situation frantic and challenging. 

Best depiction of junior officers - Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault 

Sticking to the Battle of the Bulge, I couldn’t complete this list without mentioning CoH2’s fantastic Ardennes Assault expansion. In addition to introducing very interesting dynamic campaign elements, it gave each of its distinct companies a beating heart—voiced officers who each represented an archetype of the types of people who got caught up in the war. The reactive end mission dialogue made me feel each victory and defeat ever more keenly. I’ll never forget Johnny Vastano lamenting the pointless loss of life after a mission where I’d played fast and loose with my boys to get the job done.

Best air combat - IL-2 Sturmovik series

There’s a reason IL-2 is still a darling in the flight sim community all these years later. The meticulous modeling, both visually and mechanically, of the storied Soviet aircraft was enough to set it apart on its own. But it also dialed up the immersion by introducing mechanics like blackout and redout when experiencing extreme g-forces. While most flight sims are content to give you the most immersive experience of a robot flying a plane, not many go out of their way to remind you that you’re playing a flesh-and-blood human being.

Add to this some well-designed missions and wonderfully tense dogfights, and it’s hard to recommend any other game about flying a plane over war-torn Europe more highly.

Best strategic layer - Hearts of Iron IV 

Not many World War II games get into how and why the Allies actually won. Unfortunately for the romantic depictions we’re used to, it wasn’t primarily because of the heroic sacrifices of a few gifted servicemen. It actually had a lot more to do with availability of resources and industrial capacity. These concepts underpin Hearts of Iron IV and challenge you to think about aspects of modern total warfare that most normally wouldn’t give a second thought to. Rather than making it across a beach, your objectives often involve securing key oil fields and developing your industrial heartland.

Best depiction of ground combat in the Pacific - Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm 

The Red Orchestra series represents perhaps the best infantry-focused multiplayer shooters centered on the conflict, and Rising Storm in particular shines a light on the oft-overlooked Pacific theater. Like Allied Assault, it does a fantastic job of depicting the pressure of coming under attack from all sides. Battles play out amidst the chaos of mortar fire and shouted warnings. It's all the more impressive that Rising Storm accomplishes this using other players rather than scripted NPCs. The confusion and paranoia of jungle combat is tuned perfectly to create hectic, low-visibility firefights and allow for cunning ambushes.

Best high-level tactical experience - Steel Division: Normandy ‘44

Existing at a scale just above Company of Heroes but below Hearts of Iron, Steel Division excels at giving you a detailed and plausible sense of commanding combined arms resources to win large battles. Scouting and intelligence are emphasized, gaining air superiority can be decisive, and every weapon on every tank or infantryman models realistic range, accuracy, and penetration. It exists in a great sweet spot in terms of scope and scale to give you the total World War II experience (minus naval combat) in a single match.

Company of Heroes 2 - fralex_RE

Attention loyal Company of Heroes 2 fans! We have the pleasure to announce some juicy updates coming this Holiday season. In a nutshell, you can look forward to a serious balance patch which will include a commander revamp, community map fixes, and new 2v2 maps. We will be implementing all of this in a major patch scheduled for mid-December.

Let’s kick things off with balance. We’ve been spending some serious time thinking about the Fall Balance Patch, and which aspects make the most sense. We plan to leverage all the great work done in the Fall Balance Preview by including some of its most popular and highly voted changes. For more information on this balance update, including our rational behind postponing the Fall Balance Patch, head here.

This balance patch will also include a commander revamp focused on revitalizing some of those neglected commanders currently collecting dust in your inventory. We’re aiming to revamp two commanders per faction, and we’ll be reaching out to the community to find out which doctrines are most in need of this TLC!

We’re also stoked to be implementing a meaty map balance update which will affect many of the maps within the game. Serious credit goes to SoE-Sturmpanther for coordinating the effort, and to map making experts Capiqua, Siphon X, Pigsoup, Lord Rommel, MonolithicBacon and Whiteflash. Their time and expertise have made this fantastic update possible. The result will be more fun, balanced and competitive maps. A huge win for everyone. Get ready to reset your vetoes!

The 2v2 Map Making Contest is nearing an end, and the overall quality in this event has been genuinely spectacular. Our community map makers have clearly mastered their craft, and we have some serious contenders for the 2v2 automatch pool.
If you’re not taking part make sure to catch the 2v2 Map Making Contest Cup, which starts November 4th. You’ll be able to scope these brilliant new battlefields as they play host to some top-level play. The best teams in the competition will be voting for their favourite maps, and soon after we will announce the overall winners of the contest.

We are excited to see these updates coming to the live game, and we hope you are too. Make sure to follow Company of Heroes on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest.
Company of Heroes 2 - fralex_RE

As part of our ongoing effort to raise awareness and support the conservation of wildlife and the ocean’s most amazing creatures, we have partnered with modder Rita Rush, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to bring two new camo bundles to COH2. All associated Relic / Sega revenue will be donated to those charities.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation CHARITY CAMO PACK
Includes 3 full sets for the following armies:
  1. British - Dolphin-themed
  2. USF - Orca-themed
  3. OKW - Whale-themed

Includes 3 full sets for the following armies:
  1. Soviet - Lion-themed
  2. Soviet - Elephant-themed
  3. Wehrmacht - Rhino-themed

See you on the battlefield!

PS: these bundles are only available on Steam and cannot be bought through the COH2 in-game store - just click on the links above to buy them and and help raise funds for these great causes.
Alien: Isolation

The Humble Store Spring Sale is in full swing, and all the developers and publishers seem to be getting in on the party. Today, the SEGA Spring Sale begins, and lasts until Friday, May 19. 

In this deal you'll find the likes of Total War: Warhammer, Company of Heroes 2, the Alien: Isolation Collection, and much more for far cheaper than you'd normally find them.

Total War: Warhammer is one of our favorite strategy games of the last few years, and it's down to £20 / $30 in the sale. Check out our review if you want to know more about it.

Company of Heroes 2 is down to £7 / $5 for the rest of the week. It's several years old now, but it's got a fairly lengthy single player campaign and great multiplayer if you can find other people playing.

Alien: Isolation is, according to our review, the game the Alien series has always deserved. Grab it for £3.74 / $10 if you're looking for some horror this week.

Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info. 

Community Announcements - FrAlex_RE

Make War Not Love is back - and with it, your chance to get free DLC for COH2 and other SEGA games. Head to the official website to get the full details, and register to support your faction and be rewarded with free content!

Meanwhile, the entire COH franchise on Steam and items in the COH2 in-game store are discounted by as much as 75% till February 19th 10am PST.
Announcement - Valve
From today until Feb. 20th, up to save 80% off the Dawn of War franchise, up to 75% off the Company of Heroes franchise, 33% off Total War: Warhammer, up to 75% off the Total War franchise and up to 75% off the Endless franchise as part of the Make War Not Love 4 event.

See for event details including how to help your faction win, prizes and more!

*Offer ends 10am pacific on Feb 20th.

Community Announcements - FrAlex_RE

The Holiday Update just hit Steam, as did the Christmas Sale! You can now enjoy:
  • 5 x Free New Maps (Halbe, Lisores, Elst Outskirts, Schiiberg Outskirts, Pripyat Sector), curated from community submissions

  • 5 x New Historical Skin Sets, created by community modders Starbuck and Georider, available at 50% off for a limited time through the Assorted Historical Skin Bundle*

  • 5 x New Faceplates, created by community modder RitaRush, available at 50% off for a limited time through the Support Your Faction Bundle*

  • up to 75% off on all COH games on Steam till Jan 2nd 10am PST

  • discounts on all in-game store items and PDLC till Jan 2nd 10am PST

  • 8 x New Commander Bundles (most played & HelpingHans' favorite)

*: 35% of all revenue on UGC items will go back directly to their creators!

Full patch notes available in the forums, as usual.
Happy holiday to you all and see you on the battlefield in 2017 :)

PS: the missing textures / models for USF ("pink weapon issue") should now be fixed.
Community Announcements - FrAlex_RE

The Far East War mod for COH1 is now available on Steam (for free)! To celebrate this, all the COH1/2 games are discounted on Steam till Monday December 19th (Pacific Standard Time).

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