Community Announcements - Orca
Get ready, COH2 is getting another update on July 21st.

This update will go live on July 21st at 10:00am PST
Check out the full patch notes!

July 21st Update
The primary focus of the July 21st update is to continue the design upgrade of the existing factions to improve the overall balance of all factions in preparation for the introduction of the British Forces. This is the second phase migration of changes seen in the British Forces alpha.

The next update will be on Sept 3rd which will introduce the British Forces Content.

About July 14th Balance Preview

As part of a new trial process this update includes a Balance Preview Tuning Pack that will be made available in the steam workshop (July 14th 10am PST.) The tuning pack can be found in the in game Modding Hub or in the STEAM Workshop.

This tuning pack contains all of the planned balance changes that will be made live on July 21st. We thought it would be interesting for players to try out the new changes in addition to discussing the patch notes.
Community Announcements - Fralex_RE
PC Gamer

Third time around, and the details of the latest Company of Heroes 2 expansion pack are all beginning to blend into everything we've heard before. New commanders, new units, new strategies, eight new maps—everything we've heard before, everything you'd expect from an expansion. So what does the British Forces bring that's particularly unique? Regional accents, people saying 'cor blimey guv'nor!', lots of mention of Winston Churchill... well, yes. But it also brings back more Company of Heroes 2, and that's a good thing.

I played through three hour-long, four-on-four multiplayer matches pitting the titular Brits against the Axis forces. It was more than enough to get a handle on what makes the new forces of Blighty stand out - namely how damn resilient the troops are when they're in cover. While the Germans might have been relying on their array of tanks and other such high-impact war machines, I was happy to keep things simpler, smaller, nimbler and able to soak up a surprising amount of damage. I forgot, however, about dealing damage. My team lost all three matches.

Even so, I've already found a lot to like about the British Forces—a new selection of commanders to choose from opens up more tactical approaches (including strengthening your ground troops, which I probably should have done) and there's the undeniable joy that comes with unlocking your team's best tank and watching it roll onto the battlefield, unaware of just how quickly it's going to explode because you forgot to cover your flanks and oh god it's another Tiger on the horizon...

It's testament to my—admittedly brief—time with the game that I came away from the British Forces wanting more. I'm already a fan of Company of Heroes 2, which helps, and more of that good RTS stuff is always welcome, even when your forces are getting pounded by artillery strikes and your lone sniper dies because you didn't pay attention to where he was going. It's just so damn exciting.

The British Forces will be another standalone, multiplayer-only expansion to Company of Heroes 2, meaning you won't have to have bought anything else from the game to play it. You'll also be welcome to battle online against players using other, existing factions and armies on maps you don't actually own - though you won't be able to specifically choose them. Frankly, I wish Relic would just hurry up and make the whole thing a modular free-to-play 'service', because that's the way it's oh-so-slowly heading. The framework is solid, it's just waiting for someone to pull the trigger. For now, though, we'll get by with what's shaping up to be another great expansion for an RTS of ever-increasing appeal.

PC Gamer

Relic has announced a new multiplayer expansion for Company of Heroes 2. It's called The British Forces. I don't think I need to explain what it's about.

I will embed this trailer, though, full as it is of tally-ho British vim and vigour.

According to Relic, the British will feature a "unique tech-tree that challenges the player to balance the constant trade-off between mobility and defense." It will, they say, essentially provide two factions in one—letting the player customise their development in a bid to surprise their opponent. There'll also be eight new maps.

As with previous CoH2 expansions, The British Forces will be a standalone expansion. It'll be available from September 3, and cost 10.

Community Announcements - Cynthia_RE
As many of you know, we recently patched the game with balance updates, new modding tools, and some fixes. The detailed patch notes exceeded the character limit for announcements on steam by about 15,000 characters! We encourage our fans to head over to our official forums, where you can read everything in detail:

Thanks for your support!
PC Gamer

While this week's main Humble Bundle is chumming about with region locked Nintendo games, the Weekly Bundle is well worth your attention. It is an awful lot of video game war for not a lot of money. Specifically, it is Relic video game war.

Here's what paying what you want will get you:

  • Company of Heroes: Complete Edition
  • Dawn of War: Game of the Year Edition
  • Dawn of War 2
  • Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West

Yes, it's a bit odd to include Company of Heroes 2's standalone multiplayer expansion without the game it's based on. But if you pay above the average, you'll also get:

  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies: US Forces
  • Dawn of War 2: Retribution
  • Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

Should you extend your payment to $15 you'll also get Company of Heroes 2's most recent expandalone, Ardennes Assault.

There are some RTS classics nestled in there. It's worth dipping in just for Dawn of War: Retribution's excellent Last Stand multiplayer mode.

The bundle will run until Thursday, June 4.

Announcement - Valve
The Steam Holiday Encore Sale starts today! We brought back 40 of the most popular deals to give you one last chance to pick them up while they are on sale. Only 2 days left to take advantage of huge savings on thousands of games throughout our store.

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The Steam Holiday Sale runs until 10AM PST, January 2nd.

Announcement - Valve
The Steam Exploration Sale is here! For the next six days, take advantage of huge savings throughout the Steam store on thousands of titles. Plus, discover new and recommended games on your personalized Exploration Sale page here. Check back each day for new Daily Deals.

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The Steam Exploration Sale runs from now until 10AM Pacific Time, December 2nd. Complete information on Daily Deals and other special offers can be found on Steam.

Oct 21, 2014
Community Announcements - Cynthia_RE

Ahead of our upcoming patch, we are excited today to launch our October Public Beta! Most notably, we’re seeking the public’s help to test out our all-new Observer Mode. We spent a significant amount of time designing it, taking feedback from our Alpha group, and testing it. Now we want to get as many people as possible in to further test it, play with it and help us work on the final push to get this feature into the live game!

Also included in this Beta are a significant amount of bug fixes, balance changes and gameplay improvements. So get in get in the game, give it a shot and let us know what you think! A lot of work has led up to this moment, it feels great to finally share all of this with the community.

In order to make it easier for players to opt-in to the Beta, we are going with a ‘side by side install. This is new to our beta process, and is an alternative to the slightly more complicated ‘opt in’ process that we have previously used. It is a small hit to hard drive space but will allow you to have both the Beta version and live version of the game installed at once, meaning that you can switch between the two versions without having to re-download something else.

Players will have access to standalone titles they already own – as an example, if you don’t own Western Front Armies you will not be able to access it in the Beta. Commanders DLC will be granted on a temporary basis when needed in order meet our testing requirements and collect more feedback. This beta does not include single player, Theatre of War or Workshop content. This may change in future Beta releases; however this one is solely focused on mutliplayer content. This Beta content is only a portion of what will be going into the final October Update!

A big thank-you to our community for your ongoing support of these tests, your efforts help us to continually improve the Company of Heroes franchise!

You can read the detailed patch notes on our offical forum,here
PC Gamer

Relic has released the first game footage of the Company of Heroes 2 expandalone, Ardennes Assault. If, like me, you watch Band of Brothers with an alarming regularity, you'll know the Battle of the Bulge as basically hell frozen over. Judging from this trailer, the upcoming single-player campaign will capture the frantic and gruelling mix of frantic battle and terrible conditions.

This is the first new single-player content for CoH2, after the multiplayer focused The Western Front Armies was released earlier this year. That pack introduced the US Forces and Oberkommando West to the game, and now this one will give them a sizeable 18-mission campaign.

For more on Ardennes Assault, check out Tom's first look preview. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault will release on 18 November.


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