Community Announcements - playerhayter

It’s Brabble time! Let us commence the dance.

This time: Chivalry cats, Rampage Jackson, forks, odors and more!
Community Announcements - playerhayter
We are aware of an issue that is currently affecting Chivalry: Medieval Warfare players using the Steam Client Beta.

Opening the server browser in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare while using the Steam Client Beta may result in a crash.

For information on how to opt in/out of the Steam Client Beta see

Edit: the issue has been resolved. The Chivalry server browser now works correctly in the Steam Client Beta.
Community Announcements - playerhayter

It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings and new players (from the just-ended Holiday Sale)... and with it comes more community content!

In this Brabble: teabaggery, homemade shields, and some hilarious comics!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Rick Lane)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

Torn Banner’s Chivalry is probably the funniest multiplayer game I’ve ever played. It shouldn’t be. The game’s depiction of feudal swordplay is ferociously violent, a montage of amputations, decapitations and eviscerations that would make Vlad the Impaler feel a bit peaky. Opponent’s shriek in agony when separated from their limbs and gurgle bloodily when a well-shot arrow thuds into their ribcage. There’s even an objective based map where the first task is to slaughter a village filled with peasants and burn all their homes. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - playerhayter
A new patch is live for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. This patch addresses the kick move and various small fixes.
  • Moved and widened kick tracer
    • From: KickOffset=(X=40, Y=0, Z=-10), KickSize=15
    • To: KickOffset=(X=100, Y=0, Z=-10), KickSize=20
  • Fix Reaver Set throwing axe ownership
  • Disable "bugitgo" console command
  • Minor admin fixes
Community Announcements - playerhayter

‘Tis the season to be maul-y!

To celebrate the holiday season, you can now wear the Santa Hat in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Steam for a limited time until the end of December.

Plus, a new round of Workshop items fresh off the anvil:
  • Ottoman Saber, a replacement for the Sabre by zelfit
  • Sword of Dracul, a replacement for the Longsword by PXL
  • Royal Fork, a replacement for the Fork by LSM
  • Old Baron’s Sunbow, a replacement for the Heavy Crossbow by Frank the Fish
  • Blood Sprinkler, a replacement for the Holy Water Sprinkler by Pernach, tayou.natsume and Luck
  • Butcher’s Set, an Agatha Vanguard set that replaces the Halberd by Oilystool
  • Vicomte Set, Man-at-Arms set that replaces the Sabre & Buckler by elwebbaro
  • Orheim Helmet, a Mason Vanguard helm by NI HUISHENME
Enjoy, and have a very Merry Chiv-mas.
Community Announcements - playerhayter

M’yes m’lords and m’ladies. The hour has arrived for another Brabble. Sick of these yet? Good. Let’s go on.

In this Brabble: a Warframe emblem in Chivalry, an ominous video poem, dead pumpkin and more!
Community Announcements - playerhayter
Hi everyone, we have a bit of an announcement to make regarding our UGC process.

First I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the workshop for your beautiful work. spending time ogling the craftsmanship put into weapons and armor submitted from around the world is one of our favorite pastimes at the office.

We are entering a phase in which it has become difficult to manage our time between keeping Chivalry regularly updated with new UGC rounds each month and our other projects. While we do consider our foray into the user generated content arena a successful one, as a small studio with limited resources we have to balance our time between projects in a way that makes the most sense going forward.

Therefore, After the forthcoming UGC round 9 we will be discontinuing regular, monthly UGC updates. Keep in mind this does not mean we will never put another UGC item into chivalry, we hope to return to it when we have enough time. But we want to be as open and transparent with our content creators as possible and not make promises we can’t keep.

We will be continuing to look at our workshop and discussing internally when/if it makes sense to do another update, so anyone who continues to submit items will be appreciated and seen.

Thank you again for taking this journey with us and we hope to be able to discuss our plans for the future of UGC soon!
Community Announcements - playerhayter

After two unforgettable weeks of the Chivalry citizens’ uprising, the peasants have grown tired of revolting and returned to what they do best - standing around in villages, cowering and running away from combat.

Let it not be said that they did not make a difference. For their prized weapon the Nose Picker has been liberated for all players of Chivalry!

The Nose Picker

That’s right - because YOU the Chivalry community have reached the target of 155,000 members, this double axe variant is now a permanent part of the game.

As well as unlocking the Nose Picker, your membership in the Chivalry Steam Community grants you the Muffin Top hat and the ability to add an Agatha or Mason sigil to your player name.

The “Revolting Peasant” model in FFA mode and the other Peasants’ Revolt items are no longer available in Chivalry.

Let us never forget the peasants’ sacrifice. In memorium, download a high resolution version of the Peasants' Revolt poster here.

In the meantime, the Halloween spirit continues in Chivalry until Nov 7, with the Pumpkin Spice Helm. Give it a squash!
Community Announcements - playerhayter

Having celebrated its third birthday last week, Chivalry felt like it was sagging in the mid section.

With this patch, we’ve taken Chivalry back to the gym for a full body makeover (and accompanying medieval workout poster).

Click here to download a high resolution version of this medieval workout poster created by artist Bastien Blavet.

This patch focuses on bug fixes, as well as the following content:

  • Eight amazing new Workshop items available in the Chivalry Customization store, listed below.
  • To celebrate Halloween we’ve got a free Halloween pumpkin hat available in-game across all classes and game modes until Nov 7.
  • A mega Workshop sale! A bounty of items at up to 75% off.

New Items

Eight Workshop items:

Halloween item to be revoked November 7
  • Pumpkin Spice Helm


Localization changes
  • New Russian translation. Thanks to Sergey Sukhodko! This is still a work-in-progress, let us know if there's anything wrong or incomplete. More updates to come before the patch is released.
  • Updated Italian translation (thanks again, Matteo "Aragorn-Elessar97" Cangi!)
  • Updated French translation (thanks again, Nelson "Fitfit" Danloy!)
  • Fixed the fonts so Cyrillic characters no longer use a mix of glyphs from two different fonts
  • Fixed some spots where text from Russian and possibly other languages did not fit
  • Fixed non-translating Spectator button in Team Select
  • Merged in 360/PS3 European Spanish and German translations
  • Fixed some instances of non-localizing HUD markers (e.g. Stoneshill Stage 1/Mason "Pillage" marker)
  • Fixed some non-localizing text in duel mode (specifically "you have [joined/left] the pool")

Gameplay changes
  • Making kicks better. It does a little sphere collision check at some set offset from the player pawn now. Elevation differences don't seem to hurt it as they did before.
    • Console commands to visualize:
    • aoc_drawtracer 1
    • aoc_drawkick 1
    • Old logic:
      • A) do a radius check around our pawn and gather all pawns that are within `CONST_KICK_DIST` ( = 212.0) from us
      • B) eliminate pawns that are further away than `CONST_KICK_DIST_HORZ` ( = 150.0)
      • C) eliminate pawns that are further (Z only) than `CONST_KICK_MAX_Z` ( = 50.0)
      • D) eliminate pawns that are more than `CONST_KICK_ANGLE` ( = 25.0) degrees away from the front of our pawn
      • (all pawn locations are the ​_the point at the very centre of the pawn_​)
  • Draft bonus changed to 1.2x from 1.32x
    • makes MAA speed 332 and a chasing knight 363, as opposed to the current 403

Bug fixes and other additions
  • Change the way catapult 'click' sound works to fix 'fast clicks'
  • Have the GUI vignette setting actually change the config setting
  • Fixed an HTML Surface crash (affected Main Menu and Message of the Day)
  • Fixed some networking problems that may cause infinite loading screens for some small number of users
  • Fix MOTD screen getting stuck (with no "Close" button and no way out)
  • Fixed a common server crash
  • Possible fix for transition map trap bug
  • Not sure if helpful for the general public, BUT: a new "stat net" thing for shipping builds (that don't have a stats thread); shows most of the important network stuff
  • Config file round time overrides can't themselves be overridden by the map
  • Make config round time overrides per-mode instead of global
  • Fix: drafting pawns that aren't sprinting (or even necessarily moving)
  • Enemies can pick all projectiles up, teammates can only pick up what they can use
  • Fix: "Listen server host crashes when quitting from a LAN game with other users"
  • Fix: Server Filter - Perspective changes to 3rd Person each time the Server Page is entered.
  • Fix: "server filter server, mapname, VAC and Locked filters are not saved"
  • Fix: "pavise shield being exploitable to reach higher levels rather than destroying itself"
  • Fix: Customization window has Janky helmet position until you select a new helmet
  • Fix: If the last player of a team leaves the match the LTS Map does not progress after the teams have been repopulated and balanced
  • Fix: Loadout screen, exploit "next weapon" gamepad button to select incorrect tertiary for archer
  • Fix: "Player names not appearing on scoreboard" (FFA issue)
  • Fix: "sticky players" problem when jumping and colliding
  • Support for shield UGC
  • Player packet loss and idle time now show in the Player List, and the numbers in the player list update in real-time
  • Tavern variant with weapons now included, AOCFFA-TavernWeapons_p
  • Fix: Warmup doesn't count down when one team is occupied only by bots
  • Fix: battlecrying on level reset locks camera in place
  • Add fVoteTimeBetweenVotesFromAllPlayers server config option
  • Master volume setting affects intro videos
  • fix Cove "super loud cannon ball even when master volume is low" issue
  • Fix torch and oil pot unreliable decal spawn / decals fading despite player's decal setting
  • toned down LOUD NOISES in colossueum
  • deathspikes return to the colosseum!

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