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Offbeat publisher Devolver Digital is known for its eccentricity as much as it is for representing neat indie videogames. Its Films division has now announced CODumentary—"a documentary following a story centered about the blockbuster videogame Call of Duty."

Set to run for 93 minutes, the feature length production explores the war series' rise from popular videogame to "global entertainment franchise", and was filmed over five years around North America, the UK and Europe, including the D-Day beaches. Said to feature developers, fans of the series, pro players and "numerous gaming experts", the behind-the-scenes look is not sponsored by creators Activision, so will hopefully examine both the good and bad tales tied to the game's creation.    

Here's the film's trailer: 

"One of the biggest challenges making the film was encapsulating a 15 year timeline into 93 minutes," says producer Jonathan Beales in a statement. "I was very fortunate to work with a lot of great people whose input and contribution really helped make this happen. It’s a rich story of evolution told through the eyes of games developers, fans, industry experts and professional players. It’s a big documentary and we wanted to put the fans first so took the opportunity to host two full screenings at DreamHack Atlanta that were a big success.

"It’s been a great five-year journey and even though the documentary is centered on video games, the story is always about the human input and endeavour involved. The rich experiences of developing games, playing them or waiting in line to buy them will always remain center stage."

Purposefully awkward portmanteau aside, CODumentary will premiere worldwide on Steam and VOD on September 19, at 6pm BST/10am PST. Thereafter, those interested can pick it up on iTunes, Google Play, MGo, Playstation, Xbox, TubiTV, Indie Reign, and the Indie Rights Vimeo Channel. Hard copy Blu Ray and DVD launches are planned further down the line again. 

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It appears that the rumor that Activision's Call of Duty series would return to the Second World War in its next installment was true: A countdown at is leading to the "worldwide reveal livestream" of Call of Duty: WWII in the middle of next week. 

The site doesn't reveal anything more than the setting, with an image of an American GI who's clearly seen too much, and that Sledgehammer Games is the developer. An option to sign up to be notified when the livestream begins is also available.

Roughly five days remain on the clock, and in case there was any doubt it's labeled with the time and date of the reveal: April 26, at 10 am PT. We've reached out to Activision for more information, and while we'll probably have to wait for the big moment like everyone else, we'll let you know if we hear more. 

Call of Duty® - (John Walker)

If the rumours are true, and they most likely are, this year we’ll be seeing Call Of Duty: WWII. People have reacted with concern, but I’m here to argue it’s the best possible news.

There was a time when learning a game was set in World War II was deserving of the heaviest of sighs. Not only did it mean that it would be one of seven thousand other games that year plundering the past for an excuse to bob a gun at the bottom of the screen, but it was more likely to be crass and ignorant than a tribute to the bravery and miserable deaths of our ancestors. We got well and truly sick of WW2 games. Then to save us, the march of the zombies began. We had a whole new theme to groan at, and the Second World War has had something of a break.

The temptation of hearing the rumours that the all-conquering shooter series is to return to its own origins is to start sighing once again. But there are some really good reasons not to. In fact, if there’s anything that could save CoD from itself, it’s heading back. … [visit site to read more]

Call of Duty®

Source: YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers

You may have already seen the Call of Duty: WWII "leaked" images, but if you haven't, here's the rundown: YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers posted a video, where he talked about a handful of images he received from an anonymous source. These images point to this year's Call of Duty game being set in World War II, and they even suggest the game will be called Call of Duty: WWII. 

Now, there's reason to believe that Call of Duty would be taking the series back to the second World War, as Activision said in a February earnings call that Call of Duty would return "to its roots." However, it's important to remember that this doesn't mean the aforementioned images are real. In fact, it makes it easier for someone to pass off fake images as legitimate art, so practice skepticism when viewing the images at the bottom of this post.

I think it's fairly likely that Call of Duty is going back to World War II this year. However, I don't necessarily believe these images are legitimate. TheFamilyVideoGamers has a subscriber count of about 320 at the time of publishing, and it doesn't really make sense to me why someone would send these images to them of all people.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that Activision's "back to its roots" comment could mean something other than World War II entirely. It could point to a more traditional, modern military setting as well. We can't be sure, but we'll keep you updated as more is revealed.

Each year's Call of Duty game traditionally gets revealed around late April to early May, so we're only a little more than a month away if they continue that this year. Last year's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare received an unfavourable review from Tyler, who said its side attractions—Zombies and Modern Warfare Remastered—were more fun than the main game. However, this year's Call of Duty is being helmed by Sledgehammer Games, and Tyler seemed to like their last attempt, Advanced Warfare, a bit more.

Source: YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers

Source: YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers

Source: YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers

Source: YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Rick Lane)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

Call of Duty 2 [official site] tends to get forgotten about, sandwiched as it is between the huge success of Call of Duty and the truly gargantuan success of Call of Duty 4 (we don t talk about Call of Duty 3 here in PC town). This is an unfortunate state of affairs, as it might just be the best game in the series. … [visit site to read more]

PC Gamer

It's Sledgehammer Games' turn to push out a Call of Duty this year, and a cryptic New Year's tweet has many believing that this latest game will be set in the 20th century. The tweet contains the following message, along with an elaborate GIF showing an old-fashioned counter whirring away against a clockwork background. "It's officially 2017!" reads the message. "Some call it the zodiac year of the Hammer. Have a safe and fun New Year's, everyone!"

By itself, that could just be an overproduced New Year's Day celebration, but an earlier tweet seems quite hinty as well. This message by Sledgehammer co-founder and studio head Michael Condrey features an image of an iconic 20th century pistol, the M1911.

OK, so that's not a lot to go on, but given that Battlefield recently veered back in time with its World War 1-set Battlefield 1, a similar move by COD doesn't seem terribly out of place. Could Call of Duty be heading to WW1, WW2, or potentially Vietnam for its 2017 installment? (Rumours appeared of the latter possibility last year.)

The most recent COD is set in the future, with spaceships and everything, and PC Gamer's Tyler Wilde didn't like it very much. Hopefully Call of Duty 2017 will improve on the formula somewhat.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Announcement - Valve
This weekend get up to 50% off on classic Call of Duty games! Great deals on all-time favorites like Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: United Offensive, plus 33% off on the Call of Duty Warchest and the Call of Duty World War II Bundle.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Brendan Caldwell)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

Like Graham, I ve always felt bad for the Brothers In Arms series of games. The WWII shooter was well into its fatigue stage by the time these games got around to doing something intelligent with it. Rocking up to the beaches of Normandy in Medal of Honor or storming the streets of Stalingrad in Call of Duty were excellent set pieces at the time. But neither game came close to making you think about anything that was going on, it was run and/or gun. That’s it. Brothers In Arms introduced a tactical element – and it was simple too. You just had to point at things.

… [visit site to read more]

PC Gamer

Activision's Call of Duty franchise, despite being split into two relatively distinct branches the future and the past is very deeply rooted on a familiar premise: Guys with guns shooting at other guys with guns. But as GamesRadar reports, there was a time when Activision toyed with bolder visions for its famous military FPS, including a Call of Duty game set in ancient Rome.

Call of Duty: Roman Wars was prototyped in the Unreal Engine by Vicarious Visions, a studio that has spent the past half-decade working primarily on Skylanders, after Activision put out a call for pitches for new Call of Duty games. It featured a third-person view similar to Gears of Wars, although there were first-person segments as well. Players would have stepped into the boots of front-line Roman soldiers, as well as officers and even Julius Caesar himself, while fighting on horseback, from atop siege towers, and even while riding a war elephant.

Alas, it was not to be. Activision liked the idea but got iffy on giving it the Call of Duty brand, ironically because it was concerned about oversaturating the market. That, for the eagle-eyed among you who noticed them, is why those Ubisoft flags are flying in the video: The gameplay scene in the video was taken from a build that was repurposed and pitched to Ubisoft, as just Roman Wars, after Activision turned it down.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Joe Donnelly)

Although Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare [official site] is sadly not the procedurally-generated Escherian Nightmare we might’ve hoped for, Activision’s latest war-torn FPS is set in space and you’ll be pleased to know its single-player campaign looks to be shaping up nicely. Don’t take my word for it, though – cast your eyes over six new minutes of gameplay highlights below.

… [visit site to read more]


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