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The Humble Origin Bundle is over. The Electronic Arts-sponsored sale concluded yesterday with a grand total of $10.5 million in sales according to the Humble Bundle Twitter account.

More than 2.1 million bundles were sold, with almost all of the proceeds (tips to the Humble Bundle organizers are the only exclusion) going toward charities such as the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Watsi, the Human Rights Campaign, the American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society.

The bundle, which launched on August 14, offered redeemable keys for Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise, Mirror’s Edge, Crysis 2, and Medal of Honor under the standard Humble Bundle “name your price” deal, with Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 added if your price beat the average. EA and Humble also added two games—Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising and Populous—on August 22, for those who paid more than the average price.

The Origin bundle was easily the most successful sale Humble Bundle has offered, crossing $7 million in sales in just five days. While most companies participating in Humble Bundle promotions can receive a cut, EA donated all of its proceeds to charities. Good on you, EA!
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EA getting a Humble Bundle sounds like a thing that should raise eyebrows, but considering how much money is being raised for charity right now - and how many normally-quite-expensive games can be had for pocket money - I'm finding that my cynicism chip is just not activating. The explosion-studded bundle has raised nearly $8.5 million already, with EA's entire share going to charities the Human Rights Campaign, watsi, the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. In addition to the likes of Dead Space 3, Mirror's Edge and Battlefield 3, you can now get C&C: Red Alert 3 - Uprising and Populous if you pay over the average of $4.84.

Here's the full list. Pay what you want to get Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise Ultimate, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge and Medal of Honor, or pay over the average to get C&C: Red Alert 3 Uprising, Populous, Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 thrown in too. You'll get Steam keys for some of the games, plus the soundtracks to BF3 and The Sims 3. It's quite a good deal, and it's quite a good deal that ends in five days.
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Mirror's Edge

The Humble Origin Bundle is live, allowing you to pay what you want for Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge, and Medal of Honor. Paying more than the average (roughly $5 at the time of this post) unlocks Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 with some DLC.And all of EA's share goes to charity.

I know, right?

The offer runs for two weeks, and benefits the Human Rights Campaign, watsi, the American Cancer Society, the American Red Cross, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Bought separately, the bundle would cost over $200 U.S. While Origin keys are provided for all of the games, you'll also get Steam keys for each of the games that are available on Valve's platform. Origin is also throwing in the soundtracks for Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3.

Check out the whole bundle at It's a heck of a deal.
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Save 70% on the Need For Speed Franchise during this week's Midweek Madness*!

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit launches you into a new open-world landscape behind the wheel of the world's fastest and most beautiful cars. From Criterion, the award-winning studio behind the Burnout series, Hot Pursuit will redefine racing games for a whole new generation.

*Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time
Shacknews - Andrew Yoon

Criterion Games has become synonymous with excellent racing games. However, the studio behind Burnout appears to be moving onto something completely different.

Speaking on Twitter, the studio's creative director Alex Ward talked about how "after over a decade of making racing games it's time to make something new." That means no remakes, no reboots, and no sequels. Guess that means we can scratch off that long-rumored Road Rash reboot, huh?

Criterion has made a non-racing game before. Black launched on PS2 and Xbox in 2006. However, Ward confirms that Black 2 is definitely not in the works. "Volumes to tell on that topic, but will save that for when I get a book deal," he said.

Although Ward is keen to move beyond Burnout, the franchise hasn't been tabled. However, it will be quite some time before the franchise comes back. "I am proud of all of the Burnout games. When it feels right we will make another one... After 13 years it's not that time right now," he added.

Ward notes that it is "early days" for his new project, and therefore has nothing to "announce" at the moment.

Shacknews - Andrew Yoon

It's been four years since we've seen a proper Burnout game from Criterion. Lately, the studio has been assigned on the annualized Need for Speed series, having worked on Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. Fans who fear that the team has abandoned its beloved series can rest their minds a bit as creative director Craig Sullivan has promised that Criterion will work on a new Burnout in the future.

"There's still a lot of stuff we want to do with driving," he said. "We will make another Burnout game at some point. Obviously, as we're working on NFS we're thinking of really good ideas that aren't right for this series; there are ideas that we're going to explore with Burnout."

While Criterion will undoubtedly work on a new Burnout game some time in the future, the team may have its sights on other projects. The team could consider making a non-driving game, for example. "I mean, we made Black, I was the lead designer â€" we might make a game about blowing the crap out of each other!" he told The Guardian (via Gamespot).

Criterion may also want to work on a different EA franchise. "When we did Burnout Paradise we did some motorbike DLC and now everyone thinks that we're going to do Road Rash at some point," Sullivan said, adding "Road Rash seems like a good fit for Criterion."

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Today's Deal: Save 75% off Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box!

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The studio behind Burnout and Need for Speed will open its doors to game developer students in April - and offer a lucky few the chance to win work experience in the summer.

EA-owned Criterion Games is holding a competition for final year A-level and first year university students interested in a career in the game industry.

To take part you need to complete an online registration form and send over your CV alongside some examples of your work. Criterion will then select 30 students to attend an open day at its Guildford Studio in April.

The student open day includes a prototype competition. A panel of judges will pick the winners who will nab the work experience in the summer.

Fancy your chances?

"As you know, one of EA's key strategies is graduate recruitment - attracting the best students from the top universities," EA said.

"The folks at Criterion Games in Guildford are committed to raising awareness of the career opportunities in games and that's way they are doing something unprecedented. For the first time ever, Criterion is opening its doors and offering a unique opportunity for final year A-level and first-year university students to win a work placement at the studio."

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Those clever folks over at HotUkDeals have figured out how to get open world racer Burnout Paradise for nowt via EA's Origin service - in the UK, at least.

You'll need to install and open the Origin client, do a search for Burnout Paradise, add it to your basket, check out and then enter the word "PARADISE" (in caps) as the Promo Code. Et voila, free Burnout. It's worth noting that if you choose to pay by PayPal you won't have to enter any credit card details during the checkout process. We have no idea how long the offer will last, so get it while it's hot!

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