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The ALWB Winter came to a close this weekend, and Buttonpin Collectors took down Team Hue in the Grand Finals! Congratulations to Niki, Ubi, and Body Hunter PT on their well-deserved victory!

Many thanks to all the players who participated in the event, and to the team that made the ALWB happen! The ALWB Winter Season turned into an amazing spectacle with great shows, and we're very proud to have such a great community-created event happen for Awesomenauts.

Didn't catch the ALWB Winter Extravaganza show last weekend? Catch the VOD on Twitch!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time will launch on December 14th! That means the release of Spectator Mode, the visually reworked Clunk, and the new Overdrive-'Naut Max Focus are less than a week away!

Over the last couple of weeks we've done a lot of testing on both the new character and Spectator Mode, and made numerous tweaks and improvements! Thanks to everyone who helped out in the Open Beta and provided us with their feedback! There's one more Beta Update coming tomorrow, to test out some of the final tweaks that we made.

Furthermore, when the update goes live the digital artbook will be made available to eligible players who backed our crowdfunding campaign at the required tier. You'll receive an email about that when the time comes!

Once Awesomenauts 3.4 is available, Max Focus will join Professor M. Yoolip, Chucho Krokk and Jimmy, Amy, and their LUX5000 mech in the Overdrive Expansion. The Spectator Mode, which is one of the features that was funded through our Awesomenauts: Starstorm crowdfunding campaign, and the visually reworked Clunk will be available to all players for free.
Community Announcements - Mitaki

It's Max Focus reporting live! A new character theme. Fact... or fiction? Get all the news right here on Channel 7 Galactic News!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Awesomenauts is on sale during the Steam Holiday Sale! Pick up a new skin or announcer at 50% off or grab one of the expansion packs at 35% off!

Want to give the game to a friend? Now would be an excellent time, with the game currently available at 80% off!
Community Announcements - Mitaki
We just released the Open Beta for Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time. Check out the new 'Naut, Max Focus! Armed with a camera and his own custom tools of destruction, he can get the best angle to every story!

To access the Beta, just enable the 'Awesomenauts - Beta Dual-Load' DLC in in your list of DLC for Awesomenauts, wait for the content to download, and select the Beta version when launching the game. If you need a little more info, head here:

All players are able to access this Beta and try out the new features that will be included in Awesomenauts 3.4, inculding the new character, Spectator Mode, and the visual rework of Clunk. On top of that, we're bringing a whole bunch of balance changes with this update.

The new Spectator Mode allows you to watch live gameplay from your friends while or browse through recently played games. You can even use this feature while waiting for Galactron to start his next round of glorious matchmaking!

Your feedback on this feature and all the other changes is important to us, so please share your thoughts on the official Beta forum. You can find that forum over here:
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Galactron hasn't even been live yet for a week, but Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time will already go into Beta tomorrow, November 23rd! We've got lots of cool content slated for the next couple of months, and we're keeping up the pressure!

Join the Streamisho tomorrow at 1700CET, 11AM ET, or 8AM PT, as we walk you through the new Beta, including features like the Spectator Mode and the visual overhaul of Clunk.

The biggest reveal that we have for you is the brand new character that will be added to the Overdrive line-up with this update. We've released some teasers for this character... but all will be revealed tomorrow! Do you have an idea of what it'll be yet?
Community Announcements - Mitaki

We just released Awesomenauts Update 3.3: Rise of Galactron on Steam! This update brings a whole new matchmaking system to Awesomenauts, a complete overhaul of the game’s menus, a fully-featured party system, and loads of additional tweaks. On top of that, a rejoin-feature to allow players to reconnect to games they accidentally disconnected from, and harsher leaver penalties for players who abandon their teammates. And of course: Galactron himself, who is a giant robot, in space.

This update brings a AAA style matchmaking to Awesomenauts, lowering both pings and skill differences in matches across the board. Galactron does this by gathering up players in rounds of about five minutes, and then figuring out how to best group those players across matches.

An additional feature is the addition of Simplified Chinese localization. We've been bringing Awesomenauts to more languages over the last couple of years, and we're excited to welcome more Chinese players to our community.

For the full patch notes, head over to:

We've tested the system extensively in multiple Betas over the last few months, and would like to thank all players who've helped us test the system. Galactron has become a lot more awesome than we ever anticipated, and a lot of that is thanks to the feedback you've given us.

The development on Galactron lays the groundwork for many awesome features that will be coming to Awesomenauts over the next year. Including a live spectator mode coming next month, and a level editor with full Steam Workshop integration coming next year!

Today is all in honor of our giant robot: Galactron. And I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlord. All hail Galactron!
Community Announcements - Mitaki

Awesomenauts 3.3: Rise of Galactron is launching later today, and a alongside the new matchmaking system, the party interface, and many other changes, we're also introducing a new announcer that you can grab for free by recruiting a friend, or bringing a former-Awesomenauts player back into the game!

All you have to do to unlock this new announcer is follow the steps below:
  1. Invite someone who either:
    • Hasn't played Awesomenauts, ever.
    • Hasn't played Awesomenauts in a month or more.
  2. Get them into your party, or custom game.
  3. Get into some gameplay together.
  4. All done!
You should now be able to select SlowWolf's awesome voice as your announcer!

SlowWolf has been a prominent member of the Awesomenauts community for years and has been involved in many different Awesomenauts tournaments as a shoutcaster. He commentated the Alienware Awesome Cup tournament, was live on-stage during the BLE Masters, and has shoutcasted community tournaments including the recent ALWB.

If you're a fan of SlowWolf, don't forget to follow his channel over at

Want to know what else will be included in Awesomenauts 3.3: Rise of Galactron? Check out the upcoming content page:
Community Announcements - Mitaki

During the Streamisho yesterday, we announced that on top of all the cool things coming in Update 3.3: Rise of Galactron next week, we'll also be launching Update 3.4: Prime Time before Christmas!

Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time will contain a whole bunch of cool content, including the long-awaited spectator mode, the visual rework of Clunk, and an all-new 'Naut. We haven't revealed any new details about this new character, other than that it'll be joining the Overdrive line-up! That means this character will become the fourth character in the Overdrive expansion.

Prime Time will launch in December, with a Beta scheduled to go live on November 23rd.

If you missed the Streamisho yesterday, you can now catch it on Youtube. If you're specifically interested in the demo of the Spectator Mode, you should skip to the 27-minute mark:
For a full overview of all the content that's coming to Awesomenauts in the coming months, head over to our 'Upcoming Content' page:
Community Announcements - Mitaki

All hail Galactron! One week from now, we'll be launching Awesomenauts 3.3: Rise of Galactron. This update contains the long-awaited matchmaking overhaul, a brand-new party system, and overhauled menus.

Aside from all these technical features, Awesomenauts 3.3 will also bring a new Nibbs skin (Unicorn Nibbs) and a fearsome Ultimate skin for Ted McPain, called Scourge Captain McPain. Haven't heard his theme song yet? Listen to his glorious tunes over here:
We're still hard at work to fix some of the remaining bugs with Galactron and the new systems. These fixes will be included when the update officially goes live next Wednesday. Beyond that, we'll continue to tweak the system to improve the experience even further. If you have any feedback already, please use the buttons in-game to share your input!

On November 23rd, we'll launch the Beta for Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time! That update will include the Spectator Mode, the visually-reworked Clunk, and a new Awesomenaut. This 'Naut will join the line-up in the Overdrive expansion, alongside Professor M. Yoolip, Chucho Krokk, and Jimmy and the LUX5000.

And best of all... Awesomenauts 3.4: Prime Time will launch before Christmas this year!

We haven't revealed a lot about this new character yet and will be sharing bits and pieces over the coming weeks. Here's the first teaser image though! For a summary of all the content coming to Awesomenauts in the next few months, check out the Upcoming Content page:

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