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Zippy Starburst is undoubtedly the biggest rock legend on this side of the Galaxy, ever since he started touring in the mid 3570's. His long and colorful history include the introduction of head-tentacle banging and the ground-breaking album 'The rise and rise of Zippy Starburst and the Worms from Sorona'.

It turns out Zippy is a big fan of the Awesomenauts and their robot-blasting adventures. So when asked to commentate some of the recent battles taking place, he was happy to oblige. And as with everything Zippy does, he gave it his all.

Check out the preview over here:

The Zippy Starburst announcer will be added to Awesomenauts in update 2.13!
Community Announcements - Mitaki
Hey everyone!

We published a new Beta update yesterday, including many balance changes and a change to rubber-banding mechanic for the XP system. Check it out and let us know what you think!

The Awesomenauts 2.13 Beta is available to all players who own the base game!

Read up on the patch notes over here:

Want to know how to access the Beta? Check out this post:

Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje
Right before the weekend, we've updated the 2.13 Beta. Check it out!

Patch Notes are here:

Instructions to get the Beta:
Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje
The new and improved Beta for 2.13 is now live for you to check out! A lot of tweaks have been done to improve the XP system and the item balance. For full Patch Notes, see here:

For instructions on how to access the Beta, check this link:

Have fun, and as always, tell us what you think!
Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje

It's time for phase 2 of the Design-Your-Naut 2 contest! In this phase, we are looking for your ideas on how to visualize the winner of phase one: Ix the Interloper!

You can submit your ideas here: You can use draw, paint, sculpt or whatever. As long as it results in a single image file! The contest is open until Tuesday, November 3rd, Midnight Pacific time.

Once all the submissions are in, we will pick the five finalists. These will all receive a cool t-shirt and custom icon in-game.

These five finalists will then all be put up for a vote to determine the final winner! The winners' idea will be recreated ingame, and the winner will also receive an Awesome Clunk statue!

So get those creative juices flowing and show us your ideas!
Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje

The votes have been counted and the results are in! Ix the Interloper by Conorbebe is the winner for phase 1 of the Design-Your-Naut 2 contest. Ix will be added to the Awesomenauts cast soon! In short, Ix can link up with another friendly or enemy ‘Naut, and then swap places with them. But that’s not all there is to Ix, for the full details check his Facebook entry here.

Congratulations to Conorbebe and the other finalists, as they will all receive some sweet swag. Thanks again for all the awesome and creative ideas that poured in during this contest.

Soon phase 2 of the contest will commence, to determine the visuals for Ix! We’re already looking forward to seeing all the artwork you will come up with. And again, the winners will be voted by the community. We’ll keep you posted!
Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje
Featuring the new XP system, and open for everyone!

Instructions on how to get the Beta:

What's in this Beta:

Full Patch Notes:

Please let us know what you think!
Community Announcements - Mitaki
For the upcoming update we’ve been working on a massive new gameplay feature for Awesomenauts: an XP (experience points) system! Since the launch of the game we’ve always had a single system for improving characters during a match: buying upgrades. And while it’s a very fun system that has a lot of flexibility, we feel we can take the game even further by adding an XP system.

While the game will play almost exactly the same way you know and love, the flow of battle will change in various subtle but significant ways. Stalling and overly defensive play will be less effective, comebacks are more likely but will require a more proactive playstyle and item builds will get more variety. If you want to know how this will be achieved in more detail, check out this forum post.

The system itself is very simple: if an enemy turret, Awesomenaut or droid/critter goes down, your team gets XP! Once a certain threshold is reached, your team will level up! When you level up, your health and damage will increase by a set percentage.

We’ve already playtested the system internally, and invited local community members to take a hard look at it. The response so far has been very positive, and we’re very excited about the potential this system has for the game!

Still, to make sure this system reaches that potential we will need help finding bugs and balance issues. That’s why we decided to make the upcoming beta for 2.13 open for everyone! So once the beta goes live next week, give it a thorough playthrough and please tell us what you think!
Community Announcements - Mitaki
Ever had a great idea for a new character design? Now's your chance! Submit your idea in the Design-A-Naut contest and we'll actually put your design into the game if you win!

Head over to for more information!
Community Announcements - [ronma]nog1potje
Tune in to the Ronimo Streamisho on Twitch today! We've got lots of news and a great look back at the development of Ksenia.

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