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Community Announcements - seagaia
The Korean version of Anodyne is now available and included within the game for Windows. Hooray! Mac and Linux versions will follow shortly.
Announcement - Valve
New Weeklong Deals, on sale until Monday, January 13th at 10AM Pacific Time

Community Announcements - seagaia


android version 80% off: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.Anodyne.mobile
Shacknews - Ozzie Mejia
Humble is going cross-platform again for its latest 'Humble Bundle with Android' sale. Players will be able to pay what they want for four games, all of which are available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, while paying more than the average to toss in Worms Reloaded (along with the mobile version of Worms 2: Armageddon) and 2004 action-RPG The Bard's Tale.
Community Announcements - seagaia
You should follow me on Twitter here! I post updates on our new game, Even the Ocean. (Which is this two-game-in one, fantasy platformer adventure, and episodic narrative adventure game thing!). Jon and I are making it again (we did Anodyne together). There's Facebook for Even the Ocean if you prefer that.

As far as other social media goes, if you use Instagram, I am on that too .

And there's my Soundcloud - if you liked the music from anodyne then I post a lot of new music on there every now and then. (There's a Facebook page for my music if you prefer that.)


Hi! If you're new to Anodyne from the Humble bundle, then I hope you're enjoying it. Tell your friends about it or let us know what you think!
Sep 4, 2013
Community Announcements - seagaia
-i think this fixed some end-game glitch with card counts
-localization in japanese
-maybe other things but i can't remember

Announcement - Valve
Save up to 75% on new Week Long Deals on Steam, available now until June 24th at 10AM Pacific time!

Community Announcements - seagaia
Hooray! For iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.
Community Announcements - seagaia
Hey, so today I added trading cards and badges. They don't go live till Valve approves us as a Trading Card game on a Tuesday or Thursday. I e-mailed my rep so hopefully that's soon!

It mght help if yous ay " I want anodyne to have cards!" right here:


Currently, I made a few emoticons, profile backgrounds, a set of badges, then a set of 8 trading cards (just enemies/npcs/characters). But perhaps, more in the future!

I also submitted the iOS version of Anodyne for cert in the app store. If we're approved, It'll be available for $5 in the app store next Thursday!
Announcement - Valve
Save up to 75% on new Week Long Deals on Steam, available now until May 6th at 10AM Pacific time!


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