Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
Join expert players GiveUAnxiety and SoldieR as they stream Age of Empires III for the next 24 hours! Tune in at
Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
Hey AoE II: HD fans! We're showcasing some of the awesome Steam Workshop mods created by you, the community, live on stream now!

Join us from 1-3 PM PDT at or
Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
We're live on right now! Join us from 5-7 PM PDT in MegaRandom free-for-all games. Look for lobbies hosted by Age of Empires community manager IamPREZSTEVE.

Community Announcements - Cysion
During the development of the new Age of Empires II expansion, the Forgotten Empires team will be writing a regular dev blog to keep you up to speed on the latest bits and bops on the new content we're working on.

The first dev blog focuses on how we went about picking the new civilizations and also reveals the first one!

With only this one screenshot to go by, we can reveal the civilization to field the Camel Archers will be the Berbers. The Berbers (~700 AD) will be a Cavalry and Naval civilization, featuring 2 unique units and a unique technology that affects their whole team. Additionally, they'll be the protagonists in a whole new campaign.

For more details and general "between the lines"-reading, feel free to head over to the full dev blog:
Community Announcements - MS Ryz0n
Ryan Chaply here (aka Ryz0n) - the producer on AOE II HD - and we've got a big announcement. It’s hard to believe, but April 9th marks the two year anniversary since the release of Age of Empires II: HD on Steam. In those two years, players have amassed over 10,000 items in the Steam Workshop, and spend more than fifty million hours building armies, converting units, and chopping trees. In fact, more people have played over 50 hours in AOE II than the entire population of Little Rock – the state capital of Arkansas. It’s clear that the franchise has a hugely dedicated user base, and today I’m excited to talk about where we’ll be taking the title through 2015.

Unfortunately this announcement is too long to post in here! So please head to this announcement thread to read about the most recent patch, what lies ahead, and a teaser of for new content coming to AOE II: HD

AOE II HD - The Path Forward

Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
Show off your Photoshop skills in this new edition of the Age of Empires monthly contest, Wololo Wednesday!

Full details at
Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
Show off your Photoshop skills in this new edition of the Age of Empires monthly contest, Wololo Wednesday!

Full details at
Community Announcements - MS Ryz0n
Through extensive user research with specialized focus groups, it was determined a fundamental feature required reinstatement within the series. Today we are pleased to announce Age of Empires II: Low Definition Edition.

Designed with your CRT monitors in mind, AOE II: LD is available for all AOE II HD owners for a limited time. Re-live the experience the way it was designed, with an internal render resolution of 800x600 glorious pixels. Squint to make out letters and words like you did while playing during computer class instead of finishing homework. Or in the evenings to ‘study’ for that history exam. Or at a friend’s house until you got kicked out to go play outside because it was sunny and their parents needed to use the internet for something before they ran out of the 10 hours of internet time that came on the AOL CD….

That's an eagle scout there...we think...maybe?

Moving on! So how do you get this modern marvel? Just right click on your game in the steam library, go to “properties”, and the “betas” tab. Select aoeii:LD from the drop down menu and you’re off to the races! Just don’t forget to feed your Tamagotchi before sitting down for an evening of classic history. 56K modem sound effects not included.

We’ll probably get lots of letters asking why make this change now? Why delight players so, over a decade and a half after the game came out? It’s best to let the research report from our Fecundity User Department speak for itself, an excerpt is as follows:

Satisfaction surveys and usability histograms discovered historic authenticity and nostalgic reverence were fundamental decision drivers for large portions of highly desirable target markets with excellent retention and low variability amongst titles. Additionally, developing organic buzz had greater segment reach when unique experiences synergized with perceived accuracy to expected impressions and desirability within the audience. Recommended is strategizing perfunctory development on revolutionary immersive experiences tailored to revitalizing and energizing the classic customer base while increasing engagement of existing users.

We don’t really have any idea what that means aside from going for the highest buzzword per sentence ratio possible, but happy April 1st anyway!

Note: AOEII:LD represents game changes that should remain functional in online experiences...if for whatever reason you want to play multiplayer like that.

Stay tuned next week for our next real AOE patch - with more on the way through the year.
Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
We're streaming community-made maps from the AoE II: HD Steam Workshop live now until 3 PM PST!

Tune in at or
Community Announcements - MS IamPREZSTEVE
Age of Empires III fans, we're live with The Asian Dynasties multiplayer! Come watch and chat with us at or

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