Nov 23, 2016
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
Are penguins a farm animal? Who know? Maybe. Probably!
Let's find out, vote Penguins Arena for “Best Use Of A Farm Animal” Award
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
We're really happy to offer you this new update of Penguins Arena!
What's new?
  • a new map (for a total of 18 official maps)
  • we've rolled back our AI code a bit as the last update added some issues with our bots

Today we're also releasing our new game, Farabel!

You can help us by telling your friends about our new game on Twitter/FB/... We're really proud of Farabel and we truly hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it!
And, you never know, if Farabel is a success maybe we'll finally have some time to work on Penguins Arena 2 :D

Farabel is a turn based strategy game in which you start at the end of the story. But that’s not all. In Farabel, the whole gaming experience is turned around.
You start out the adventure with a hero at maximum power, and with each jump into the past, your character is left with a slightly weaker body. At the same time, the game become more and more complexe. Develop your cleverness, your strategic prowess, and your inventive capabilities!

Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames

Our new game, Farabel releases on PC, Mac, and Linux October 14.
As usual, it's a refreshing and fun to play game. But it's also the most innovative game we ever made: Farabel is a turn-based strategy game that starts out at the end!

Stay tuned, watch the new trailer, add the game to your Whislist and learn more on
Aug 31, 2016
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
My dear little penguins ːBTeamː,

We'll be releasing a new game in the coming weeks: Farabel

Farabel is a turn based strategy game that starts out at the end

You start out at the conclusion of the story. But that's not all. In Farabel, the whole gaming experience is turned around. You start out the adventure with a hero at maximum power, but your hero loses power with each battle. You don't choose which skill you want to reinforce. Instead, you have to decide which one to diminish. You don't develop your character. You develop your own gaming abilities, including your cleverness, strategic prowess, inventive capabilities, and your knowledge of the game.

To win at Farabel, being powerful means nothing. You have to be clever! And you have to get more and more clever as you go.

You can play Farabel before everyone else, take part in our weekly giveaway
More information:

During September we're offering 5 keys each week to people helping us to spread the word about Farabel.

To participate it's simple, post a tweet about our game including a link to

Each monday morning we'll be picking up 5 winners and contact them on Twitter.
Be creative! It could be a tweet about our trailer, some of our screenshot, our Steam page... anything, just don't forget to put a link to
May 31, 2016
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
The new version of Penguins Arena is officially live!

  • Dedicated servers (see below)
  • A new map
  • More brutal weapons
  • Lots of tweaks and bugs fixed

We were working on dedicated servers for a while now, you probably saw them if you played PA during last months.
There's two official dedicated servers, one is located in the USA (Dallas) the other one in Europe (Paris).
We have the liberty the bring new dedicated servers in just a few minutes so if there's a surge of players at some point we're ready!

We're testing some new AI on the dedicated servers, you'll probably cross them if you're playing online (their names start with a "SUPERBOT" tag). We'll update them as often as possible to bring more challenge to experienced players.

Now that we've tested our dedicated servers we're happy to give you the opportunity to host your own!
You can grab the last version of the dedicated server here (Win/Linux): There's a README file to guide you but more details will be posted on our forums soon.

I hope you'll have as much fun as we had playing this new version!
ːBTeamː ːGTeamː ːRTeamː ːYTeamː
May 27, 2016
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
We're working on an update (v1.9) since a while now, this weekend we'll pushing multiple updates for you and us to try all the little tweaks we're making. Youtubers can request a key on Keymailer.

We're working on 4 fronts:
- dedicated servers
- a new map
- enhanced (?) IA
- faster weapons

First update is coming in a few hours.
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
88% positive reviews ??! Thank you!

PA 1.8: 1 new map - 2 updated maps


We have exciting plans for the next updates. We're working on a way to bring more people to play together, and we also have plan to make PA even more fast and crazy!
Jul 1, 2015
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
MiniOne Racing is our second game on Steam.

MiniOne Racing is a thrilling racing game which lets players drive colorful, humorous miniature vehicles around various locations created by a kid: beach, playground... and even other planet!

MiniOne Racing is first and foremost a single player game, but you can also race against friends. Remember to read this "how to" before hosting a multiplayer game.

MiniOne Racing might be an old game, but it's still a fun arcade playground for kids (and adults who just want a simple & fun racing game)!
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
It's been 6 years since Penguins Arena was released on Steam, since then we were busy surviving and making indie games, but that's another story... The good news is that we've just got back control of our game on Steam from our former publisher. Others might have not care about an old game like PA, but we do! That's why we've been very busy working on an update for it, and now is time to release it.
Yes, that's how much we loved this game!

What's new?

  • New price ($5.99)
  • Mac version
  • Online multiplayers games are working again
  • Steam trading cards
  • Less bugs, no more cheating

That's the first step for us, we'd love to bring more maps/modes if more players are interested! Your help will be precious, the best gift you can give us is to spread to word to your friends, youtubers, twitchers...

Thanks to Money_Mouse we even got 2 more INSANE trailers for Penguins Arena. &
We can smell your brain burning from here.

Those who are really interested in Steam Achievements should read this thread.

Last but not least we would like to thank all of you who are still playing Penguins Arena after all those years. Your support, your help for this update and your enthusiasm mean the world to us. YOU'RE AWESOME!
May 24, 2015
Community Announcements - MathieuFrogames
Yeap, 6 years after its first release on Steam, Penguins Arena is getting an update!

You'll know more in a few days but first we have to announce a bad news: we'll have to unplug the Steam achievements. We're very sorry for that but the new version of PA is not compatible with Steam achievements anymore, as we think the update is more valuable for everyone we had to make this decision.

You'll still be able to unlock the in-game achievements but they will not be tight to Steam anymore.

See you in a few days for the good news!

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