Uitgebracht: 4 okt 2012

This map pack adds three action packed levels to your game!ChasmThe Chasm was going to be a hub of transport and mining operations. The plan was to create thousands of new jobs and strengthen the living standards of the people of Elysion One. The Chasm was a good sign of a great future for humanity but nowadays it's abandoned.

This map pack adds four action packed levels to your game!AftermathThings haven't gone quite as planned. What begun as a minor annoyance has since blossomed into a full-fledged threat. In spite of the military's questionable (Four soldiers? Really? Was there a budget cut?

Uitgebracht: 3 mei 2012

Coffee Stain Studios have teamed up with The Yogscast to bring their signature 'Joffo Cake' fuelled humour to Sanctum in the free DLC, Yogscave! As the ruling elite in Elysion One, the brightsiders live a life of decadence but this luxury comes at a terrible cost to the less fortunate members of society, who toil in factories below the surface -...

Uitgebracht: 12 aug 2011

Heb je ooit van de muziek van Sanctum willen genieten zonder tegelijkertijd honderden monsters af te maken? Dit is je kans! Op veler vezoek is de soundtrack van Sanctum, gecomponeerd door Gustaf Tivander van Coffee Stain Studio's, nu beschikbaar. Het bestaat uit elf prachtige hermixte nummers (en één bonusnummer).

Uitgebracht: 15 dec 2011

The holiday season has arrived to Elysion One at last. Skye has the intention of enjoying a well deserved vacation. Tending to the lovely spruce, eating, drinking and opening a lot of presents. But the aliens have made a habit out of making her life miserable, and this time is no exception...