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Uitgebracht 16 dec 2013

JC2-MP is a project to bring multiplayer to Just Cause 2 in all of its magnificent glory. Imagine the chaos of normal Just Cause 2, then extending it out to dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of players.

Uitgebracht 22 jun 2010

More powerful than the standard assault rifle, this lightweight and lethal automatic rifle features increased accuracy in close combat and a higher magnification scope.

Uitgebracht 22 jun 2010

No agent should be without a hot set of wheels and with an increased top speed and superior handling, you can arrive at your destination in style or make a guaranteed quick getaway.

Uitgebracht 22 jun 2010

Customised by the Agency and adapted for Rico’s shooting style, this deadly accurate and powerful pistol packs a punch with precision, power and flair.

Uitgebracht 22 jun 2010

The ultimate in amphibious transport, the Agency Hovercraft is the most flexible form of transport in the game. Steered by a thrust-based engine for smooth and agile movement, the vehicle is as comfortable on land as off. Equipped with a turret-mounted grenade launcher, you’re guaranteed to blow your opposition out of the water.

Uitgebracht 22 jun 2010

Het nut van een veels te grote monster truck wanneer je kleine landjes probeert te destabiliseren is duidelijk. Pak deze Monster Truck DLC voor gebruik in Just Cause 2!

Uitgebracht 25 mei 2010

With the Black Market 'Boom' Pack you get these cool items: Quad Rocket Launcher: Combine a rocket launcher with a shotgun and you've got yourself the powerful Quad Rocket Launcher - expect some collateral damage!

Uitgebracht 29 apr 2010

Met het Black Market Aerial Pack ontvang je deze coole items: F-33 DragonFly Jet Fighter: Met vier miniguns en twee raketwerpers is deze behendige vogel ongetwijfeld de heerser van de lucht, en hij deelt ook aardig wat schade uit aan doelwitten op de grond. Dual Parachute Thrusters: Blijf langer in de lucht!