Megjelent: 2010. nov. 19.

It’s now time for a long journey, on a snowy trail, to the distant capital, from shelter to shelter. Travelling in the snow is an ordeal and strangers, tramps or travelers also caught up in this unexpected winter now replace the familiar faces of your childhood village.

Megjelent: 2010. dec. 17.

Egyedül törsz előre kalandod során a tundra közepén, egy elfeledett ösvényt próbálva követni, melyet ősi pihenőhelyek romjai és kóborló állatok jelölnek. Tudatalattid hangjai szívszaggató belső küzdelmeknek tesznek ki, melyekben győznöd kell, ha folytatni akarod önmagad helyreállítását.

Megjelent: 2011. márc. 11.

For the first time in what seems an eternity, a tiny village crushed by the huge mass of mountains indicates the presence of other human beings... Will they be a great help or a danger more deadly than your desperate and icy loneliness?

Megjelent: 2011. máj. 27.

The motionless voyage… The interior and exterior worlds are made of hidden things – some are magnificent, others are frightening – all of them, in some way, are worth discovering. Is it your new life that is starting, or your proximity to the river? As you descend the mountain on the road to the capital, your vision clears little by little.

Megjelent: 2012. okt. 31.

Deserts and river banks...That which was hidden has finally been unveiled. You walk along the rapids, sometimes on the road, sometimes in the forest-sometimes the current almost carries you along. You have one end of the thread, a beginning to your story-you must reconstruct.

Megjelent: 2013. szept. 17.

The sun and the mist...You have reached the town, the first real town-and which town. Here your true voyage will start-here your road to the bay of sapphire will truly begin. There are so many things to prepare, so many things to accomplish before you can leave the mist. Doors are open, so close to the rumbling water. What and who will you choose?