Uitgebracht: 26 jun 2013

Embedded within the floating islands of Sky City, the Tinkerer's Lab is the birthplace of the Series EV. Her creator, the Tinkerer, has been preparing for a chasis & software upgrade to EV 1.5, but harnessing the Eternia energy has attracted unwanted attention!

Uitgebracht: 14 feb 2012

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Etheria with the “Etherian Festival of Love” holiday event!

Uitgebracht: 20 dec 2011

Vier de feestdagen in Etheria met het Etherian Holiday Extravaganza!-evenement!

Uitgebracht: 23 nov 2011

Vier Thanksgiving in Etheria met het 'Great Turkey Hunt!' evenement op TrendyNet! Jaag op gigantische kuddes kalkoenen voor hun heerlijke vlees tijdens Thanksgiving… Maar kijk uit! Er zijn gevaarlijke Dark Elf Warriors die door het vuur gaan om de kalkoenen te beschermen. Loerend in de schaduw is "Mega Turkey".

Uitgebracht: 11 nov 2011

Want to spice up your heroes? This pack includes 4 scary outfits for your TrendyNet Dungeon Defenders characters: Devil – Monk Mummy – Apprentice Pirate – Squire Witch –...

Uitgebracht: 28 okt 2011

Celebrate Halloween with everyone on TrendyNet! Now updated for 2012! This Halloween Mission Pack contains: 1 new Halloween-themed mission 8 exclusive Halloween weapons 4 ultra-rare, unlockable character skins: Ninja - Monk Vampire - Apprentice Death Knight - Squire Angel - Huntress And New For 2012: 1 new Spooktacular Challenge Mission 8...

Uitgebracht: 16 okt 2012

Celebrate Dungeon Defenders 1 year anniversary and defend the Tavern with the Dungeon Defenders Anniversary pack! This DLC contains: Tavern Defenders Campaign Mission Party Hats Accessories Birthday Cake Crystal Core Kobold on a Treadmill...

Uitgebracht: 28 aug 2012

A sly trickster born in a whimsical realm of chaos, the Jester's abilities are shrouded in mystery. She can quickly turn the tide of battle by using any weapon and can deceive enemies with 'presents' that explode to reveal random defenses and bonuses.

Uitgebracht: 10 jul 2012

New Campaign missions, bosses, costumes, weapons, pets and challenges in the epic conclusion to the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards.

Uitgebracht: 31 mei 2012

Among the sparkling gemstones of Talay, a set of long-buried Eternia Crystals have been unearthed. But the volcanic activity of the mine is rapidly rising and its imminent eruption threatens to destroy both friend and foe. Protect the Eternia Crystals from the horde as you contend with the dangers of the mine itself!

Uitgebracht: 23 mei 2012

A mysterious visitor from the Crystalline dimension, the Summoner has decided to wage his own war across Etheria! With two pets by his side, the Summoner can form minions out of sentient crystal and build an army to follow his every command!

Uitgebracht: 26 apr 2012

Now that your Dungeon’s been defended, prepare to venture outside into the realms of Etheria in The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards! Explore the underwater city of Aquanos and experience 4 all new missions, story cinematics, enemies, a whole new boss, and more: Key Features: The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 3 Campaign Mission Riddle...

Uitgebracht: 13 apr 2012

An isolated Moraggan outpost has now become a warzone as the horde lays siege to its Eternia Crystals...

Uitgebracht: 5 apr 2012

Penny Arcade-karakters zijn Dungeon Defenders binnen gevallen! Je kunt nu spelen als jouw favoriete Penny Arcade-karakters, Tycho, Cardboard Tube Samurai, Annarchy en Jim DarkMagic in Dungeon Defenders! Als je maar hard genoeg om je heen kijkt, vind je misschien wel jouw eigen kartonnen kokerzwaard!

Uitgebracht: 29 mrt 2012

Assembled long ago by a master mechanic within the depths of Sky City, the Series EV automaton has been powered back to life and is ready for action! By placing down an array of powerful Electronic Beams of any length, EV can decimate enemy forces. The longer the length of the beam the more Defense Units each costs to build.

Uitgebracht: 23 mrt 2012

Venture into the ancient ruins of the Karathiki Jungles to discover Dungeon Defenders first 6-player co-op map, the Amazon Barbarian tribe and more! This DLC also includes access to the Karathiki Competitive Tower Defense Mission, where you can compete with up 6 heroes (3 on a team) to see who can defend the longest against an onslaught of...

Uitgebracht: 16 mrt 2012

This time we let you, our community, vote on the character classes and costumes for our Holiday costume pack! So… get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these awesome player-chosen costume winners! This DLC pack contains: Trap Girl Huntress Outfit Steampunk Adept Outfit Leprechaun Apprentice Outfit Scottish Warrior Barbarian Outfit Note:...

Uitgebracht: 15 mrt 2012

Now that your Dungeon’s been defended, prepare to venture outside into the realms of Etheria in The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards! Explore the desert city of Moraggo and experience 3 all new missions, story cinematics, enemies, a whole new boss, and more: This DLC pack contains: 'The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 2' Campaign Mission...

Uitgebracht: 20 feb 2012

Vier presidentsdag in Etheria met het “President’s Day: Battle Royale”-feestdagevenement!

Uitgebracht: 31 jan 2012

Afkomstig uit de dichte oerwoudlanden ver naar het zuiden, is de Barbaar een meesterlijk vechter die twee wapens gelijktijdig kan gebruiken en die vernietigende combinaties kan loslaten! Met vijf bijzondere vechthoudingen, in plaats van torens, kan de Barbaar zich aan elke gevechtssituatie aanpassen.

Uitgebracht: 19 jan 2012

Ben je klaar met verdedigen en is het tijd voor de aanval? Dit Dungeon Defenders missiepakket bevat 3 nieuwe assault-missies die je met je vrienden kunt aanpakken, evenals nieuwe wapens en een uniek huisdier die je alleen kunt krijgen door deze missies te voltooien!

Uitgebracht: 15 dec 2011

Verken buiten de rijken van Etheria in The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards!

Uitgebracht: 23 nov 2011

Ready for even more of a challenge? This Dungeon Defenders Challenge pack contains 4 new warping core missions for you to tackle with your friends as well as unique loot that can only be obtained by beating these missions!

Uitgebracht: 23 nov 2011

Want 4 new Dungeon Defenders Hero Classes? Want a chance to play all 8 at a time in the new 8-player PvE Uber Monster Fest Challenge mission? Well get ready. This pack contains gender-swapped versions of the main characters, equipped with all new abilities, stat ramps, and more: The Initiate A student of the mountain monasteries, the Initiate has...

Uitgebracht: 11 nov 2011

Deze pas biedt je vervroegde toegang tot de 16-speler verover-de-vlag modus van Dungeon Defenders. Hier moet je een team van 8 mensen vormen en de meeste punten scoren door tegenstanders te doden en de vlag voor de langste tijd vast te houden. Het team met de meeste punten wint.