Дата выпуска: 29 мар. 2012

Времена меняются и островное государство Tropico продолжает развиваться.

Дата выпуска: 17 окт. 2013

The Cold War has turned hot and nuclear conflict is inevitable. Prepare the island nation of Tropico for the coming apocalypse and carefully choose which resources and factions to save from certain eradication. The new Nuclear Shelter provides and converts faction bonuses depending on its work mode.

Дата выпуска: 19 сен. 2013

Due to a budget SNAFU (for which Penultimo is not responsible), the remote island of Isla Guerra is revolting against El Presidente’s regime. Tropico needs to recruit skilled cadets via the new East Point Academy and prepare for a large scale assault by an invading enemy army.

Дата выпуска: 15 авг. 2013

Tropico is invited to participate in the International Communist Propaganda competition! Turn the most absurd propaganda slogans into reality using the new Propaganda Tower building which suppresses protesters and converts citizens to loyalists, use the PR Specialist trait to brainwash your people and finally compete with the likes of Stalin and...

Дата выпуска: 7 фев. 2013

Poor healthcare is responsible for the death of the last remaining voodoo priest on Tropico. A new threat rises when the evil sorceress Vanya arrives from Soviet Russia to curse El Presidente and his regime. Study the mystical ways of voodoo and use them to your benefit with the new Voodoo Manor tourist attraction, impress your people by wearing a...

Дата выпуска: 18 дек. 2012

People on the island know him as El Presidente, their absolute ruler. Little they suspect that he is also the Masked Avenger, the mysterious dashing rogue that wages war against crime, rebels and political dissidents.

Дата выпуска: 15 ноя. 2012

Build the largest city in the Caribbean on an island with constant influx of immigrants. Deal with problems such as unemployment, over-population and food shortages. Use the Conventillo, a cheap residential building that houses many residents using little space.

Дата выпуска: 23 окт. 2012

Превратите свой остров в рай для пиратов, Тортугу нашего времени!

Дата выпуска: 7 фев. 2012

New mission, traits, and items for Tropico 4.

Дата выпуска: 8 дек. 2011

Get into the plantation business!

Дата выпуска: 3 ноя. 2011

Time to get military! Secure your rule of Tropico with the new bunker, the "Veteran" character trait for a more battle-hardened military leader and an appropriate dress uniform. Decorate the island with the new guard booths, oberservation tower, ammunitions depot, barricades and a tank!