Date de parution : 27 oct. 2017

Adopt a more menacing alien look: The Nocturne Pack adds a set of creepy alien skins, inspired by the map Derelict. The Onos, Fade, Gorge, Lerk and Skulk all receive the Nocturne treatment.

Date de parution : 27 oct. 2017

Forge is a hot new look for the Marine team, inspired by the fires of the map Refinery. The Forge pack delivers skins for marine armour, exosuits, pistol, axe, and rifle.

Date de parution : 27 juin 2016

Join the Elite 26th Legion with the new TSF Tundra Deployment Pack.

Date de parution : 27 juin 2016

Who needs fire and brimstone when you have the TSF 'Skull 'n' Crossfire' Rifle? This unlocks a new Rifle variant for Marine players.

Date de parution : 11 mai 2016

The Shadow Fade is a terrifying new variant of the sinister Kharaa Fade.

Date de parution : 31 oct. 2014

Fear is coming: The Reaper Pack transforms Natural Selection 2's alien lifeforms into a new, terrifying form. Only the bravest marines stand against these vicious, mutated Kharaa! 50% of the proceeds of the Reaper Pack go to one of the NS2 community's hardest working members: Rantology.

Date de parution : 1 mai 2014

Take the fight into the wilderness: Kodiak Station teems with life, with lush vegetation running through its massive central biospheres. Equip yourself with camouflage armor to blend in and improve your chances of survival. A portion of every copy sold goes to Loki, the community mapper who created Kodiak!