Rilasciato: 9 nov 2010

Blast your enemies with these 3 additional weapons: Bazooka: Rock Jack Rocket Launcher: Wild Goose Missile Launcher: Goldias

Rilasciato: 2 nov 2010

Crush the competition with 2 wanzers from the Front Mission franchise - the Stork Mk. IV and Tatou.

Rilasciato: 16 nov 2010

Smash the competition with a wanzer evolved from the Front Mission franchise's past (Wildgoat) and 1 brand-new type (ISV-Prototype).

Rilasciato: 23 nov 2010

2 new maps to conquer! Play all classic multiplayer modes on these maps.

Rilasciato: 23 nov 2010

Endless swarms of the enemy are invading. Can you and your team hold them off? Multiplayer co-op mode.