Released: Mar 29, 2017

Start your adventures in RIFT right! This pack will help you leap straight into adventure with a pair of EXP boosting earrings, a massive 32-slot bag, a 150% speed mount, and 7 days of Patron time!


Released: Oct 13, 2017

Unleash the greatest evil Telara has ever known: Wraps the Mummified Squirrel!


Released: Sep 25, 2017

Unleash the terrifying power of the Nightmare Razorback!


Released: May 15, 2017

Become the hero of prophecy with these incredible accessories! Strike fear into your enemies as you mount the ferocious Ethereal Drake, demonstrate legendary style by donning Asha Catari's Raiment, and flaunt your mystic abilities with the animated Ring of Ahnket Portrait Frame.


Released: Apr 18, 2017

Experience the full range of RIFT's character creation and create your perfect Ascended with the help of the Ascended Essentials Pack! Play whatever way you want with the help of the Primalist Calling, 19 Souls, 6 character slots per server, and more!