Premiera: 30 kwietnia 2014

F-15 jest często opisywany jako najlepszy myśliwiec na świecie od 1970 roku aż do początku 21 wieku. Zaprojektowany aby przeciwdziałać przesadzonym możliwością radzieckiego MiG-25 „Foxbat”, F-15 jest podstawą obrony powietrznej USA od trzech dekad.

Premiera: 2 września 2013

The UH-1 Huey is one of the most iconic and recognizable helicopters in the world. Having served extensively as a transport and armed combat support helicopter in the Vietnam War, the Huey continues to perform a wide variety of military and civilian missions around the world today.

Premiera: 24 stycznia 2014

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 is the next evolution of the Flaming Cliffs series that operates with DCS World. FC3 features the F-15C, A-10A, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29A, MiG-29S and Su-25. The FC3 aircraft provide an easy learning curve for new players and focuses on a broad range of aircraft rather than a detailed single aircraft.

Premiera: 2 sierpnia 2013

DCS: A-10C Warthog is a PC simulation of the U.S. premier Close Air Support attack aircraft. This is the second aircraft in the DCS series, following DCS: Black Shark, and raises the bar even higher in the DCS series.

Premiera: 2 sierpnia 2013

The Mustang was among the best and most well-known fighters used by the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. Possessing excellent range and maneuverability, the P-51 operated primarily as a long-range escort fighter and also as a ground attack fighter-bomber with bombs, rockets, and machine guns.

Premiera: 2 sierpnia 2013

DCS: Combined Arms gives you control of ground forces during the battle. Use the Command Map to move ground forces, set artillery fire missions, and control the ground battle. Assume the role of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) in multiplayer and designate targets for player-controlled close air support aircraft, or directly control armor...

Premiera: 2 sierpnia 2013

DCS: Black Shark 2 is a simulation of the Russian Ka-50 "Black Shark" attack helicopter. The "Black Shark" is a unique and deadly single-seat, Russian attack helicopter that has seen combat in the Northern Caucasus.

Premiera: 2 sierpnia 2013

Note: This is the exact same simulation of the Su-25 as featured in DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3.The Su-25 'Grach' (Rook), NATO callsigned 'Frogfoot', is a dedicated strike attack aircraft designed for the close air support and anti-tank roles. The Su-25 has seen combat in several conflicts during its more than 25 years in service.

Premiera: 16 sierpnia 2013

The A-10A Thunderbolt II, also known as the Warthog, is a 'flying gun'. The aircraft was used extensively during Operation Desert Storm, in support of NATO operations in response to the Kosovo crisis, in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Premiera: 19 sierpnia 2014

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 jest powszechnie uznawany za najlepszy niemiecki myśliwiec II wojny światowej. Jego pojawienie się na niebie Francji w sierpniu 1941 roku było szokiem dla aliantów, był wyraźnie lepszy od innych myśliwców w każdej płaszczyźnie. Przez prawie rok, Fw 190 był niezrównanym mistrzem wojny powietrznej w Europie.

Premiera: 18 września 2013

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight is a highly realistic PC simulation of the Mi-8MTV2, a combat transport and fire support helicopter and an upgraded variant of one of the most widely produced helicopters in the world - the Russian Mi-8 (NATO reporting name ‘Hip’).

Premiera: 12 grudnia 2014

Like previous DCS World titles, DCS: Bf 109 K-4 Kurfürst features a painstakingly reproduced model of the aircraft, including the external model, fully interactive cockpit, mechanical systems, and a Professional Flight Model (PFM).

Premiera: 16 listopada 2015

The Black Shark: Republic campaign is a hand-crafted campaign that tells the story of you as a Black Shark attack helicopter pilot. The campaign is non-linear and has story arcs that branch based on your mission results.

Premiera: 1 kwietnia 2015

The Hawk first entered service with the RAF in 1976, both as an advanced flying-training aircraft and a weapons-training aircraft. The Hawk T1 version is currently used at RAF Valley for fast-jet pilot advanced flying training with No 208(R) Squadron, and at RAF Scampton by the RAF Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows.

Premiera: 12 stycznia 2015

“Su-27 - The Ultimate Argument” is the storyline campaign for a Russian Air Force pilot flying the Su-27 fighter aircraft in the Digital Combat Simulator. The campaign is based on a fictional Caucasus conflict scenario, into which border states of the region got involved.

Premiera: 2 października 2014

The MiG-21bis is a delta wing, supersonic, fighter-interceptor jet aircraft. Much like the AK-47 became the everymans' rifle, the MiG-21 has been operated by more than 40 countries worldwide, and has enjoyed the longest production run of any modern jet fighter to date.

Premiera: 16 października 2015

The L-39 Albatros is a low-wing, high-performance jet aircraft that doubles as a trainer and light attack aircraft. The Albatros was developed in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s to replace older L-29 jet trainers. Powered by an Ivchenko AI-25TL turbofan engine, the L-39 has a top speed of Mach 0.

Premiera: 13 marca 2015

Developed in the years immediately following World War II, the MiG-15bis was a first-generation jet fighter designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau of the Soviet Union. The MiG-15bis is a single engine, swept-wing jet that saw over 15,000 copies produced.

Premiera: 8 sierpnia 2014

The North American F-86F Sabre was the most capable western fighter of the early- to mid-1950s. This swept wing, single engine jet was the most important western aircraft of the Korean War and often tangled with Russian-made MiG-15s over the infamous “MiG Alley”.

Premiera: 10 listopada 2014

The Su-27, NATO codename Flanker, is one of the pillars of modern-day Russian combat aviation. Built to counter the American F-15 Eagle, the Flanker is a twin-engine, supersonic, highly manoeuvrable air superiority fighter.

Premiera: 30 sierpnia 2017

The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) has the largest contiguous air and ground space available for peacetime military operations in the free world. The NTTR is home to RED FLAG and other military exercises that include countries from around the world.

Premiera: 12 maja 2017

M-2000C to francuski samolot wielozadaniowy 4 generacji. Został zaprojektowany w 1970 roku jako lekki myśliwiec i wyprodukowano go w ilości ponad 600 egzemplarzy. M-2000C jest jednosilnikowym samolotem bojowym w układzie dolnopłata z skrzydłem w kształcie delty.

Premiera: 2 grudnia 2016

F-5E został opracowany w roku 1970 przez Northrop Corporation. Ten lekki myśliwiec taktyczny jest ulepszoną wersją jego wcześniejszego wariantu F-5A. Zadania bojowe F-5E obejmują wywalczanie przewagi powietrznej, wsparcie powietrzne i zwalczanie celów naziemnych.

Premiera: 30 sierpnia 2017

The F-15C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign is a depiction of flying the F-15C Eagle during a typical Red Flag exercise in the skies over Nevada. This campaign includes extensive briefing, map, and lineup card PDF files for each mission and was designed in consultation with the renowned author Steve Davies, the authority on the F-15C.

Premiera: 30 sierpnia 2017

The A-10C: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign is a depiction of flying the A-10C "Warthog" during a typical Red Flag exercise in the skies over Nevada. This campaign includes extensive briefing, map, and lineup card PDF files for each mission and was designed in consultation with the renowned author Steve Davies.

Premiera: 27 maja 2016

The SA342 Gazelle is a light scout/attack and transport helicopter. It was introduced in 1968 as a result of cooperation between Aérospatiale and Westland Aircraft. Operated by 23 countries, the Gazelle has served in combat operations across the world including the 1991 Gulf War, 1982 Lebanon War, Syria, and other conflicts.

Premiera: 22 stycznia 2016

The Enemy Within is a story - driven campaign that puts you in cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, sent as a part of small US detachment to Georgia in order to help contain a growing threat from a terrorist organization calling itself the "Caucasus Liberation Army" (CLA).

Premiera: 22 września 2017

The British Spitfire is one of the most iconic fighter aircraft of World War II. Most famous for its role in the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire served as Britain's primary fighter during the entirety of the war. The Spitfire combines graceful lines, eye-watering dogfight performance, and heavy firepower in its later variants.

Premiera: 2 listopada 2017

The AJS-37 Viggen is a Swedish double-delta supersonic attack aircraft from the late Cold War. It was the backbone of the Swedish Air Force during the Cold war, serving as the main attack and anti-ship platform. The AJS is the 90’s upgrade of this 70's era aircraft, adding several advanced weapons and systems functionalities.

Premiera: 11 listopada 2016

Operation Piercing Fury (OPF) is a story driven campaign consisting of you leading a forwarded deployed A-10C Warthog "Hawg" Flight in the Georgian Area of Operations (AO). You will be assigned to and commanded by the Joint Special Operations Command providing direct support to conventional and non-conventional coalition forces in the...

Premiera: 23 lutego 2017

The A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification campaign puts you in the cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, and tests your ability to use the aircraft's weapon systems successfully.Based on real world qualification requirements you will fly 10 performance check rides to execute against pre-defined performance objectives.

Premiera: 27 stycznia 2017

The A-10C Basic Flight Training Qualification campaign puts you in the cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, and tests your ability to fly the aircraft successfully.Based on real world qualification requirements you will fly 12 performance check rides to execute against pre-defined performance objectives.

Premiera: 10 lutego 2017

The "P-51D: High Stakes" campaign is a single-player, story-driven campaign for DCS: P-51D Mustang. The premise of the campaign is that a powerful businessman and gambler named "Maslov" has employed the pilot-for-hire pilot Vasily Sinitsa with promises of mountains of money.

Premiera: 25 sierpnia 2017

A-10C: Stone Shield jest kampanią fabularną, która umiejscawia Cię w kokpicie A-10C Warthog jako pilota USAF przypisanego do 445. Powietrznego Skrzydła Ekspedycyjnego. W 2015 roku Abchazja, Osetia Południowa i Rosja ogłosił rozpoczęcie ćwiczeń wojskowych „Kaukaz-2015”.

Premiera: 25 sierpnia 2017

„Granica” to fabularna kampania pilota rosyjskiego lotnictwa. Pilotuj śmigłowiec Mi-8MTV2 w środowisku DCS World. Gracz wciela się w dowódcę śmigłowca operującego na pograniczu Osetii Południowej. Podczas 15 misji będziesz musiał wykonywać loty bojowe w dzień i w nocy, dostarczać ładunek i personel wojskowy do odległych placówek, wylądować i...

Premiera: 8 września 2017

Kampania F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM) umiejscawia Cię w kokpicie F-5 E Tiger II w roli nowego pilota agresora z 65 Eskadry Agresorów z bazy sił powietrznych w Nellis. Na podstawie rzeczywistych procedur będziesz latać po stronie czerwonej w roli przeciwnika powietrznego dla sił niebieskich.

Premiera: 14 lipca 2017

"The Museum Relic" is a story driven campaign that takes place between the two small fictional countries of Matova and Obristen. As their war stretches on into its fifth year, both nations are feeling the strain of not being able to replenish any of their lost vehicles.

Premiera: 23 listopada 2017

The DCS: Normandy 1944 Map is centered on the World War II battlefield of Normandy, France and is specifically created to depict the period after the D-Day landings and the establishment of several allied airfields in Normandy to support the beachhead breakout in late June 1944.

Premiera: 23 listopada 2017

The DCS: World War II Assets Pack provides numerous World War II air, land and sea assets to populate the Normandy and other DCS World maps with. Eagle Dynamics has spent several years creating an entirely new set of combat vehicles to support DCS: World War II, and each unit is created with an exceptional level of detail and accuracy.

Premiera: 6 października 2017

The F-5E Aggressors ACM campaign puts you in the cockpit of an F-5E Tiger II, as a new Aggressor pilot with the 65th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base. Based on real world procedures you will fly as Red Air against Blue Air Forces.You will face a series of challenging Air Combat Maneuver (ACM) missions against dis-similar aircraft.

Premiera: 23 listopada 2017

Fly the legendary Spitfire LF Mk. IX over Normandy in June 1944 as the allies attempt to break out of the D-Day landing beachheads. Battle German forces in the air and on the ground as the allies push south over 12 missions south of the Juno and Gold landing beaches.

Premiera: 15 września 2017

The A-10C Tactical Training Qualification campaign puts you in the cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, and tests your ability to interact with JTACs, Airborne FACs, AC-130 Gunships and manage Close Air Support (CAS) assets.

Premiera: 15 grudnia 2017

The Su-33 has been the backbone of Russian aircraft carrier aviation since the late 1990s and is an all-weather fighter capable of engaging both air and surface targets. Based on the powerful Su-27 “Flanker”, the Su-33 is a navalized version suited for operations aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

Premiera: 12 stycznia 2018

"The Georgian War" is a fictional campaign created by Chris "Viper" Long and Baltic Dragon, and is inspired by real events that took place during the Russo-Georgian War of 2008. This campaign puts you in the role of a pilot who arrives in Tbilisi as part of a small detachment intended to present the capabilities of the F-15C to...

Premiera: 8 grudnia 2017

Life in civil aviation is far removed from dangers of military conflict. Instead, it’s based on strict time tables and lunch breaks. Meet a group of old friends: captain Jury Maksimovich Protasov and his Mi-8MTV2 crew. After the events of the "Spring Tension" conflict, they are again in business together.

Premiera: 20 października 2017

"Argo" is a story-driven campaign comprising a series of Naval Operations with the iconic UH-1H. As a pilot of the Hellenic Navy, assigned to the recently obtained FFG-46 Argo Frigate, your day-by-day missions include a variety of demanding tasks such as flying in all-weather conditions, Search & Rescue ops, Cargo delivery, Troops...

Premiera: 21 grudnia 2017

The AV-8B project was born in the early 1970's as an effort to address the operational inadequacies of the AV-8A first generation Harrier, aimed to dramatically improve the capabilities and performance of the early AV-8A's. The AV-8B made its maiden flight in November 1981 and entered service with the United States Marine Corps in January 1985.