Released Feb 27, 2013

This pack will get you straight into the action of the Battlezone. Get to level 30 instantly thanks to the included Mastery Scroll. Lead your Realm to victory while riding your own fearsome Grizzly Bear (Persisten Mount).The Starter Pack includes:Scroll of Mastery Grizzly Bear (Persisten Mount) 5x Bronze Lucky Box Gold Coins +100.


Released Feb 27, 2013

This pack includes everything you need to start your adventures with an edge. Ride in style with a wild Sabertooth mount and reach higher levels faster thanks to the help of XP booster scrolls.The Starter Pack includes:Sabertooth (Mount) 5x XP Boost +100% 100x Greater health potion 100x Greater mana potion 5x Repair hammer Gold Coins +50.


Released Mar 8, 2013

Become a true Guardian of the Realm. Get to level 45 instantly thanks to the included Major Scroll of Mastery, ride your own mighty warhorse and get precious equipment for your character. On top of that, get your purchase value back in Ximerin, Champions of Regnum’s premium currency.