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Udgivet 9. aug 2012

Perfect for new players, the MapleStory Starter Pack includes: An Aura Pendant (30 days), 2 Cloud 9 Messengers, a Hyper Teleport Rock (1 day), and a Brown Kitty (90 days). Aura Pendant (30 Days) When you walk around with this pendant on, the power of the Aura gem on the pendant is triggered and gives you a +3 boost for every stat.


Udgivet 9. aug 2012

Get a great deal with the MapleStory Value Pack. Includes: Hyper Teleport Rock (1 day) and a Brown Kitty (90 days). Hyper Teleport Rock (1 Day) Allows you to teleport to most locations through the World Map [W]. Also allows you to move to a map where a specified character is if they are in the same world and channel.