Megjelent 2013. aug. 27.

Are you troubled by scratching noises in the middle of the night? Have you experienced woodworm in your basement or attic? Have you or any of your family ever seen a rat, roach or bat on your property? If the answer is yes then don’t wait another minute, pick up the phone and call the “professional”… Meet Angus, the DINOBUSTER!

Megjelent 2013. okt. 22.

The Oviraptor Premium skin pack includes 2 variants for the Raptor dinosaur class. “Blue-Jewelled” Oviraptor STEALTH DINOSAURS! Sometimes what you think is a good idea in your head turns out to be a pretty stupid idea when you actually put it into practice.

Megjelent 2013. okt. 22.

The Cryolophosaurus Premium skin pack includes 2 variants for the Dilophosaurus dinosaur class. “Glacial” Cryolophosaurus When the decision was made to clone the Cryolophosaurus species the “hilariously funny” guys in the lab decided to play a practical joke and make one seemingly designed for colder climates.

Megjelent 2013. okt. 22.

Tupandactylus Premium Pack includes 2 variants for the Pteranodon Dinosaur Class. “Crimson Crested” Tupandactylus The Tupandactylus, or more commonly referred to as “Tupa” as nobody outside of the science labs could pronounce it correctly, was never actually intended to be cloned at all.

Megjelent 2013. máj. 20.

Expand your prehistoric repertoire with five all new playable dinosaur skins in one handy bundle for Primal Carnage. Display your voracious skills proudly and let the whole world know what a prehistoric monster you truly are in the most glorious of style with: “Blood Horn” Carnotaurus “Snakeskin” Novaraptor “Shadows Peak” Pteranodon “Toxic Jungle”...

Megjelent 2013. ápr. 8.

This collection includes five brand-new skins for the dinosaur classes: Leopard Spot Carnotaurus Ivy Striped Raptor Autumn Red Pteranodon Poison Dart Dilophosaurus Obsidian T-Rex

Megjelent 2013. febr. 8.

The Trapper gets a black tie ensemble and a new set of golden guns with this skin.

Megjelent 2013. jan. 29.

Pilot Commando: This skin gives the Commando a pilot suit inspired from the new "Get To The Chopper" game mode.

Megjelent 2012. nov. 30.

This collection includes five brand-new skins for the dinosaur classes