Lanzamiento: 5 DIC 2013

Gánsteres irlandeses, racistas del Ku-Klux-Klan, un misterioso hombre de negocios del lejano oriente y una bella mujer japonesa: ¡llega otro episodio de la vida de El Jefe! La historia se desarrolla en una época en la que el amor era más importante que conservar la cordura.

Lanzamiento: 15 FEB 2013

Jan Koloff is known as the Bulgarian Colossus in many a boxing clubs and halls. Immigrating in the USA at the age of 17 he started earning his living as an illegal pit fighter. The potential of the young Koloff was quickly recognized by the local bookmaker and trainer Gyozo Kerekes.


Lanzamiento: 16 ABR 2013

I got a call from New York. Lucky Luciano wanted my help in getting The Kid on his side. Piece of cake, he said. I wanted Luciano's connections in the Big Apple, so I agreed. What I didn't know was that The Kid didn't want to be on Luciano's side. That was how the trouble started. Piece of cake? I never did like cake.

Lanzamiento: 3 MAY 2013

A military contractor bought the old canneries at the edge of the city and turned them into weapons factories. Caused quite a stir among Atlantic City's most wanted. Now every thief, crook and hood wants a piece of the pie. The local gangs have already claimed the turf around the factories and have started poaching their stocks of weapons.

Lanzamiento: 8 MAR 2013

A letter arrived today. The envelope was thick with the smell of a woman's perfume. It was an invitation, but not the invitation I expected. It was a call to take part in the "Greatest con of all time." Intrigued, I followed the message to one of the wealthiest parts of Atlantic City.