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Recommended May 18
"A vast and stunning world with challenges and treasure. Hyper Light Drifter is well thought out, great fun and something you won't put down easily."
Recommended April 21
"A flight-based action designed to be enjoyed in short time frames. Taste the excitement & thrill of flying in 360 in the sky. Shoot down enemy fighters and dive bomb enemy fleets. Published by Playism"
Recommended April 13
"Be mesmerized by the flowers of chain explosions, strain your ears with beautiful and exciting tracks, be despaired by the cruel bullet hell. Published by Playism"
Recommended April 6
"A great stealth game with unique mechanics and a driving story. Great range of methods to get through where you can avoid, kill or knock-out your enemies. Totally worth it."
Recommended March 31
"A simple RPG with a deep story and an attention to detail that's not common. A great experience that teaches you that not all is what it seems! Interesting story, great content for its price!"
Recommended March 23
"An absolutely fascinating game, based in history, told through fantasy. You really feel the weight of your choices and leaves you wondering about consequences."
Recommended March 17
"Dive down a rabbit hole on the net, as mysterious instructions lead you on. What dangers lie ahead?"
Recommended March 9
"A fun and mind boggling puzzle-platfromer that has you navigating 3D mazes through the consellations to become the Starchaser! Published by Playism"
Recommended March 2
"A deep story about seeking the truth. Interact with a ingeniously designed game as you search for clues and piece together what her story really is."
Recommended February 23
"A cute and entertaining game where you get to scare everyone until they cry! Different stages, tonnes of challenges and interesting art."