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Recommended February 16
"With the classic sights & sounds of the GameBoy, AA Gaiden dives into an adventure where your choices influence your final stand against the great calamity set to come. Published by Playism"
Recommended February 9
"Faster than anyone. Stronger than anyone. And more stunning. Break Arts II is a fully customizable robot racing game. Perfect for those who love to build, race and show off. Published by Playism "
Recommended February 2
"A stunning and calming experience wrapped in near poetic stories. Published by Playism "
Recommended January 25
"A clever game where you build a city, increase its population, save it from disaster, all on top of keeping it perfectly balanced. A bit difficult to get used to at first but fun to play nonetheless."
Recommended January 19
"Yume Nikki is a cult-hit classic; the base inspiration to many of the indie games we know & love today. A mysterious & dark world of dreams to explore awaits. Published by Playism"
Recommended December 18, 2017
"A visually stunning & relaxing adventure where you explore the remnants of a floating world. The flight mechanics are a bit hard to control at times, but the visuals, experience & story make up for it"
Recommended November 12, 2017
"A game to define 3D shooting games. Smoothly shifting between perspectives, a variety of weapons & stunning visuals. Recently updated to bring improvements, new mode and more! Published by Playism."
Recommended October 20, 2017
"Rosenkreuzstilette is not afraid to be hard, cute or make you hate dying. It requires patience, but the homage to retro game keeps the love for it strong. Published by Playism."
Recommended October 6, 2017
"A heart-warming and absorbing RPG about making friends and solving mysterious. Don't let the images fool you, the depth is beyond what you are expecting. Published by Playism."
Recommended September 29, 2017
"Claudia is trapped in a man-eating witch's mansion. Battle forward using magic, & escape the mansion while regaining her lost memories. Amazing music, great pacing and more! Published by Playism."
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