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Recommended August 18
"Lost Technology plays out in three parts: Turn-based Strategy, RTS and Story Mode. Choose a faction and conquer the continent. Fantastic art, great depth & inventive strategies. Published by Playism."
Recommended July 27
"A fun and addictive simulation game where you build your own kingdom and defend it. A game with great polish and a focus on resource management and population management. Highly recommended."
Recommended July 21
"A heart-chilling game that plays like an interactive movie. Each scene beautifully plays out into the next. It's interactive battles make it different from other visual novels. Published by Playism"
Recommended July 14
"A deep, and troubling tale which doesn't hesitate from presenting reality in full. The story unfolds in captivating stages as it lets the characters take root in your heart, and then shatters it."
Recommended July 7
"An eerie Point-and-Click adventure that twists and turns at your fingertips. Has some great writing and enticing artwork. Sad it is so short."
Free To Play
Recommended June 23
"An intense and strategic battle card game. Features nostalgic characters re-imagined into a modern era. A captivating story and creative battle styles. [Published by Active Gaming Media] "
Recommended June 9
"A combat-free exploration game with a strong, moving story and stunning visuals. A truly unique and enjoyable experience."
Recommended May 18
"A vast and stunning world with challenges and treasure. Hyper Light Drifter is well thought out, great fun and something you won't put down easily."
Recommended April 21
"A flight-based action designed to be enjoyed in short time frames. Taste the excitement & thrill of flying in 360 in the sky. Shoot down enemy fighters and dive bomb enemy fleets. Published by Playism"
Recommended April 13
"Be mesmerized by the flowers of chain explosions, strain your ears with beautiful and exciting tracks, be despaired by the cruel bullet hell. Published by Playism"