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Recommended January 14
"Spellforce 3 is a well-blended RPG/RTS hybrid game offering stunning visual atmospheres, a large variety of loot, many options for hero develpment/abilities, and more. It will stand the test of time."
Recommended January 14
"Transport Fever is the long awaited sequel to Train Fever, but it still managed to surpass all expectations. Apart from a few frame rate issues, this economic simulator is highly entertaining. "
Recommended December 10, 2017
"Mushroom Wars 2 is a simple and addicting RTS game that boasts 2 lengthy campaigns as well as multiplayer. The cheery music and visuals are especially great. "
Not Recommended December 10, 2017
"Initially it’s a fun and attractive neon world, with vibrant visuals, energetic music and creative design. However, the shallow combat and limited progression mars the latter half of the game."
Recommended October 24, 2017
"The insane breakneck racing mixed with space shooting remains fun throughout the entirety of Astral Traveler thanks to its visual variety and new interesting obstacles encountered along the way."
Recommended October 21, 2017
"A perfect RPG experience with a broad and interesting take on Choose Your Own Adventure."
Recommended October 17, 2017
"Hack your way into minds to unravel the corrupted truth."
Recommended October 14, 2017
"Rich in fun, content and potato jokes, Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is the space adventure you don't want to miss out on."
Recommended September 24, 2017
"Suicide Guy is a quirky, funny little 3D physical puzzle solving game, with some minor flaws."
Recommended September 23, 2017
" Worth buying if you are into witty, funny and highly entertaining point-and-click games with a unique afro-carribean vibe to it."
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