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Recommended June 4, 2016
"While it may be a short experience, Tales Across Time is well written and uses an innovative battle system in order to keep things interesting."
Recommended January 28, 2016
"With all of the elements working together in a symphony of brilliance, Dancing Dragon Games have knocked Echoes of Aetheria out of the park!"
Recommended January 13, 2016
"Secrets of Grindea is the perfect Indie RPG throwback to the days of the SNES and it's only in Early Access with still much more to come!"
Recommended February 11, 2015
"One of the greatest strategy games ever makes its move to HD - more or less"
Recommended February 11, 2015
"I grew up on these books, and this game does an excellent job of bringing those pages to life."
Recommended February 11, 2015
"I liked this game well enough on PS3 when I played it - but it is even better on PC."
Recommended February 11, 2015
"An interesting mesh of RPG and pinball game... yes, you read that correctly. There's plenty of room to improve, but the hybrid formula still works well"
Recommended February 11, 2015
"Surprisingly effective indie RPG that brings plenty of thrills and scares."
Recommended February 11, 2015
"A deep, thoughtful approach in a game about war that is held together by a cohesive audio and visual presentation."
Recommended February 11, 2015
"This throwback to the classic arcade games mostly lived up to my nostalgic memories."