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Recommended October 30, 2015
"Ultra Street Fighter IV is damn close to being the best version of the game."
Recommended October 30, 2015
"Arkham Knight truly delivers what fans of Batman and the Arkham trilogy were looking for"
Recommended October 30, 2015
"it serves this point well by giving the reader something to think about long after its run time has come to an end."
Recommended October 30, 2015
"For anyone who enjoys puzzle games that reward efficiency or allow for quite a bit of freedom, Big Pharma is a serious game for consideration."
Recommended October 30, 2015
"this is a fun visual novel that is primarily for fans of Fruits of Grisaia and/or the magical girl anime genre."
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Recommended October 30, 2015
"Magic Duels appears to set the stage for continued updates and new card set releases that will set for a wonderful adaptation of the trading card game"
Recommended October 30, 2015
"SOMA is a great example that Frictional are really starting to find themselves and figure out what works."
Recommended October 30, 2015
"There is just enough of a challenge in Mushroom 11 to keep you coming back, and enough extra content to warrant multiple playthrough's."
Recommended July 3, 2015
"Shovel Knight does so many things right. It is both a loving homage to the games of yesteryear while being a classic in its own right."
Recommended July 3, 2015
"Enter Skies' Fearless Fantasy, a clear labor of love from a two-man studio"