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Recommended October 15, 2015
"History. 3-4 hours. Difficult. Control an existing nation state during the first and second world wars. Play with student input in class to discuss WWII"
Recommended October 15, 2015
"History.1-2 hours. Intermediate. Fight as a soldier on the Western Front in World War I. Have students play on teams. Use as context for discussing WWI."
Recommended October 15, 2015
"Intermediate. 1-2 hours. Puzzle action game about hacking — reprogram object properties, hack creature behavior, and even rewrite the game's code."
Recommended October 15, 2015
"Easy. 1+ hours. Charming and beautiful platformer based on Alaskan culture and folklore."
Recommended October 13, 2015
"20 mins+. EFL . Practice communicating with efficiency and precision. Roleplay w/ time constraints breaks students' reluctance to speak English."
Recommended August 11, 2015
"2+ hours. Experienced. History. Realistic simulation of the Grand War. Choose strategies and discuss counterfactual history."
Recommended August 10, 2015
"2+ hours. Easy. Philosophy. Religious studies. Simple puzzle game with a solid philosophical wrapping."
Recommended August 10, 2015
"2+ hours. Intermediate. Social Sciences. Economics. - City builder/simulator. Design, build, manage and expand your own metropolis."
Recommended August 10, 2015
"2++ hours. Intermediate. Physics. Engineering. Programming. Play as a space miner trying to build complex space faring vehicles. Programmable blocks."
Recommended August 10, 2015
"1 hour or less. Easy. Chemistry. Logic. Problem Solving. Programming. - Use nodes to design a chemical reactor as efficiently as possible."