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Recommended August 12, 2015
"Replay proves that puzzle platformers are not dead with its unique rewind mechanic and some fun homages to classic movies."
Recommended August 12, 2015
"More than just a YouTube jump scare game, Dispatcher genuinely makes players feel uncomfortable and fearful of its monsters."
Recommended August 12, 2015
"There are certainly some deep character customization opportunities and, most importantly, a very well optimized PC port to be found here."
Recommended July 8, 2015
"This is one of the best fighting games for hardcore gamers right now. It doesn't hold gamers' hands with shortcuts and has one of the best netcodes yet."
Recommended June 25, 2015
"New characters and difficulty are great additions for fans, but it offers very little outside of that, especially considering the recycled levels."
Recommended June 14, 2015
"Magrunner is satisfying as an entry-level game. Easy to learn, and with plentiful auto save spots, the game never gets frustrating,"
Recommended June 14, 2015
"Fist Puncher reminds us of the simple gameplay we used to enjoy with RPG elements and comical characters for a memorable combination."
Recommended June 14, 2015
"If you’re looking for a turn-based strategy RPG that’s done in a new, fresh setting and has enough content to be worth your money, this is it."
Recommended June 14, 2015
"Rush Bros. is a fun, fast paced, and challenging all in one. Speed runners and hardcore players alike will practice for hours to get bragging rights."
Recommended June 14, 2015
"The art style is quirky and players will easily dump hours into this game; considering the title's price, you can't go wrong."