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推薦:2016 年 10 月 21 日
"If you can look past its linear structure, Masquerada's great story, interesting setting, and challenging combat make for a fantastic ride."
推薦:2016 年 10 月 5 日
"Draws a large amount of inspiration from the Tenchu series, and in some ways I’d even say it manages to surpass it."
推薦:2016 年 08 月 5 日
"If capturing the rush of a boss fight was the intent of this game, then they nailed it."
推薦:2016 年 08 月 5 日
"Tumblestone does an amazing job of taking a rather tired genre and breathing some fresh life into it."
推薦:2016 年 06 月 9 日
"Features a simple but effective control scheme that makes it as much an ideal entry point to the genre as an enjoyable twist for bullet hell experts."
推薦:2016 年 06 月 9 日
"While the entirety of Western Press is light enough that the few issues it suffers from are noticeable, in the end it’s a pretty excellently enjoyable."
推薦:2016 年 06 月 9 日
"Fans of the Clock Tower series and puzzle adventure games will likely get the most mileage out of this enjoyable and engaging title."
推薦:2016 年 06 月 9 日
"Stories is a competently executed action RPG that is set apart by magnificent world building, and wonderful story telling."
推薦:2016 年 06 月 9 日
"From’s most epic, striking world yet. There’s really a sense of awe in this game, and the locales are rich with character and culture."
推薦:2016 年 06 月 9 日
"Doom is probably my favorite FPS since Metro 2033, and a breath of fresh air in a time where first person shooters feel like they just want to be CoD."