“Games with dynamic or well designed female characters. As well as emotionally impactful games with an emphasis on themes of cooperation, empathy or social justice.”

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Recommended October 24, 2015
"ROM’s delightful cast of adorably awkward robots, brilliant genderqueer hackers and other great characters makes for a memorable cyberpunk adventure."
Recommended August 27, 2015
"A playful baseball game with gender integrated teams & character customization! The game is easy to learn but also offers a surprising amount of depth."
Recommended July 23, 2015
"A simple but charming little physics-based puzzle game about building forts out of furniture to protect yourself against attacking cats."
Recommended July 9, 2015
"An intriguing detective game that steps outside the boundaries of traditional game mechanics encouraging players to put the pieces together themselves."
Recommended April 2, 2015
"A interactive text-based indie game exploring the nuanced struggles and complexities of living with depression."
Recommended March 21, 2015
"A beautiful adventure puzzle game created with stunning handmade dioramas to explore as you help Lumi search this mesmerizing city for her grandfather."
Recommended March 20, 2015
"An enjoyable experience (so far) that mixes a young woman's coming of age story with time travel. Some of the dialog is a little cringe worthy at times."
Recommended January 29, 2015
"A cute little physics game about flying through the universe, bouncing off planets, collecting stellar fragments and growing your ghost-hair long."
Recommended January 14, 2015
"Adorable and surprisingly complex puzzle game with innovative mechanics. Includes gay marriage options and an interesting way player gender is assigned."
Recommended December 24, 2014
"A cute dungeon crawler roguelike game based around a delightful musical rhythm mechanic."