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Recommended September 23
"It's a game based off a movie that's based off a ninja set based off of a Danish toyline. Unlike actual legos, you may be able to step on them without causing massive harm to your feet."
Recommended September 16
"This game provides you with the quick hit of DLC-smack you might need to get through your day after blowing your paycheck on Pokemon cards and CS:GO cases. Although you may win more than usual here."
Recommended July 11
"The first game I really ever got into for any length of time, finding out this game is on steam makes me ecstatic. Although I will use my disk copy until it no longer works, it's a good game to have."
Recommended July 6
"A VR rails shooter that accurately reflects daily life in Phoenix. Recommended to those who have a VR headset, or like to pretend that you own one."
Recommended June 12
"As a person with a soft spot for obscure presidents and low budget comedy horror, this hits both points quite well."
Recommended May 24
"For a game that claims economic conquest, I am disheartened by the lack of monetary policy options. I can't make Mr. Bernake proud if I can't do my Quantitative Easening."
Recommended May 24
"Although not as interesting as my last acid trip through Transnitsia, this Trip provides quite a cute VR experience if you are one of those early adopters who already bought a set."
Recommended April 17
"Unlike other games that feature a slightly revealing character, this one actually has gameplay and a plot. A weird thing to see in this day and age, but then again this game is from 2009."
Recommended February 15
"Play as one of the three factions -The Weebs, the Deus Vult, and the Scandinavian soccer team- while fighting against connectivity issues and each other. Would be fun if there were dedicated servers."
Recommended January 23
"A lightweight management simulator that accurately depicts the market around 80% of Eastern European's GDP export product (cam girls). Remember to ask your parents before playing."