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Recommended January 16, 2016
"So what if it's a little dumbed down, Fallout 4 is still an awesome game about exploring a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Thoroughly absorbing."
Recommended January 16, 2016
"A fantastic multiplayer shooter that emphasizes team play and tactics. If only there were an actual single-player campaign!"
Recommended January 16, 2016
"A brilliant open-world RPG with deep questlines, story and a huge cast of memorable characters. Combat is meh, but otherwise a terrific title."
Recommended January 16, 2016
"This is one of my favorite action-RPG's of all time, and aside from a few hiccups, the PC port is great. Playing this again is so satisfying."
Recommended July 28, 2015
"A really fun, engaging adventure game that's at once fresh and exciting and true to the spirit of the series. I loved every minute of it."
Recommended March 15, 2015
"Some of the best fun I've had in 2015. Darkest Dungeon is hard. It feels like a really great, brutal pen-and-paper dungeon crawler. Highly recommended."
Recommended March 15, 2015
"A terrific follow-up to the first game. It's a hypnotic, disturbing, and tremendously fun bit of ultra-8-bit-violence."
Recommended December 4, 2014
"The first episode was amazing. If you like story-driven games and you're a fan of the show/books this is one you can't pass up."
Recommended November 6, 2014
"The best Call of Duty in years, the multiplayer is fast and fresh and the campaign is solid. The facial animation on Kevin Spacey is badass."
Recommended October 30, 2014
"This game was terrific on PS3. Story-driven, turn-based, deeply strategic enjoyable gameplay. The PC version will be even better."