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Recommended April 7, 2015
"There's this goat, and it's in this tower... Doesn't matter. This game has some of the most cleanly designed and well thought out puzzles around."
Recommended April 7, 2015
"It's like a Pixar movie rendered on an N64. Hilarious writing and voice acting, with puzzles that show their age a bit but still hold up."
Recommended April 7, 2015
"We're approaching this "book-club style" and discussing each episode as it releases. Off to a great start!"
Recommended April 7, 2015
"Guacamelee is a perfect hybrid of the Metroidvania style platformer and a combo-based brawler. It's addictive and fun."
Recommended April 7, 2015
"The Swapper gives you one simple mechanic, a gun that lets you create and swap between clones, and iterates dozens of fascinating puzzles with it."
Recommended April 7, 2015
"One of the most gorgeous adventure games of all time. A story told entirely without dialogue. Cute robots."
Recommended April 7, 2015
"This moving advenuture/RPG hybrid takes on subject matter rarely seen in games."
Recommended January 19, 2015
"Tom Francis turned his 9 years of reviewing games at PC Gamer into a list of design principles, and turned those into a neat puzzle platformer."
Recommended January 9, 2015
"Play through an old-west tall tale in this super fun arcade-inspired first person shooter. This game is a top notch bit of cowboy nonsense."
Recommended January 9, 2015
"Stunning graphics and an intriguing story. These developers put a lot of love into this ~4 hour game and you definitely shouldn't miss it."