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Recommended January 17
"An incredibly well done indie Metroidvania, with a fresh Mexican theme and better combat and platforming than most other types in the subgenre. The STC Edition has more content and is the one to get."
Recommended January 17
"A beautiful pixel-based indie game, ten years in the making, that's sort of like a side-scrolling Zelda, but with a stronger emotional core."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended December 18, 2016
"Starring a young woman with the power to rewind time, Life is Strange's point-and-click DNA is easy to spot, but its story is ultimate about longing, regret, and ordinary life."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"In the end, The Banner Saga 2 is likely to please the fans of the first game. The gameplay is slightly better, the main storyline is not as good but everything else is more or less the same thing."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"An excellent Metroidvania from long-standing doujin studio Krobon, featuring a rabbit archaeologist exploring a pyramid."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"Do you love America? Do you love movies where muscular, poorly acting men shoot evil in the face? If you said yes to one of these two questions, you are going to love Broforce."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"What started as a bunch of in-jokes for the fighting game community eventually blossomed into this simple yet incredibly fun title."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"One of the most clever twists on the beat-em-up formula ever created, involving one button, some stick figures, and a whole lot of violence."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"An indie tribute to cinematic platformers like Another World and Flashback, with some truly fantastic pixelwork."
Recommended December 18, 2016
"This is simply a strange mixture of about three different sorts of games, one gross and one trite, while the last part is surprisingly fun."