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Recommended October 4, 2016
"The sequels have better combat and the hacking gets old, but it's still fun to go shooting splicers in its beautiful fallen Art Deco metropolis."
Recommended October 4, 2016
"Water crops, hit monsters, bribe townsfolk to like you, sort boxes, sleep, wake up, repeat forever... can't quit as there's always one last thing to do."
Recommended September 23, 2015
"Suffers from a jungle mazes, awkward puzzles, weird controls and a lot of backtracking but the story and jokes are worth it."
Recommended July 18, 2015
"A post-apocalyptic RPG with turn-based tactical combat and game design right out of the 80s. It can be unfriendly and tedious, but it's entertaining."
Recommended July 18, 2015
"It takes the series, strips away Lara's confidence, and bolts on action set-pieces, QTEs and upgrades. Somehow this actually works great, mostly."
Recommended July 18, 2015
"Mega Man inspired retro platformer that nails the NES aesthetic and gameplay without being stuck in the past. It'll make you earn your victories though."
Recommended July 18, 2015
"Some find the combat basic and repetitive, but if you're into Dynasty Warriors' blend of roaming beat 'em up action and tactics, this is what you want."
Recommended July 18, 2015
"It's as much about being lost in the dark tormented by zombies and spiders as it is about cunningly kicking orcs off cliffs, but it's got rope arrows!"
Recommended July 18, 2015
"It's a short scary horror game about smacking lunatics with a broken pipe in first person. Grim atmosphere and eerie hallucinations, but a weak story."
Recommended July 18, 2015
"In between boss fights, dull HQ levels and bullet sponge super soldiers there's a great game in here, with a surprisingly mature and melancholy tone."