“Tired of accidently buying Indie kusoge and unfinished early access games? Watch out for these!”

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Not Recommended September 8
"Early Access? ☑ Korean? ☑ MOBA? ☑ Censored? ☑ Nexon? ☑ No players? ☑ Community managers that care more about covering up virtual titties than what any of the players actually want? ☑ Shit? ☑☑☑"
Not Recommended August 26
"After 24 years the classic SNES game returns looking like a shitty Unity project from an indie dev instead of a new release from a AAA developer known for their incredible graphics. 3D was a mistake."
Informational August 20
"Compile Heart finally managed to make a decent game and then they ruined it by shipping it off to China for the English translation. It's a solid dungeon crawler under the shit script."
Not Recommended August 15
"What is this multicolored vomit shit all over my screen? This game is a step by step guide how not to do art direction."
Not Recommended August 9
"Not in a million sales. PS. FUCK YOU"
Not Recommended August 9
"The shittiest shmup to ever become popular returns, but now with English voiceovers, so you can enjoy the shitty cinematic story interrupting your gameplay every five seconds more than ever before."
Not Recommended August 6
"It took 20 years to make this shit, and it still ends up being worse than wizardry or might and magic anyway (not that they were ever good). At least it gives hope to those scam citizen backers."
Not Recommended July 20
"Order now and get DLC! For the first game! Wait, what? You're being jewed so hard that you aren't even getting bonus content for the game you're buying. Feed me more of this shit."
Not Recommended July 16
"It's not even an adventure/puzzle game at this point, just a bunch of shitty QTEs strung together by insufferable minecraft OC's and guest appearances by autistic minecraft (redundant) "celebrities" "
Informational July 13
"This fucker thinks knife ears are people too."