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Not Recommended July 20
"Order now and get DLC! For the first game! Wait, what? You're being jewed so hard that you aren't even getting bonus content for the game you're buying. Feed me more of this shit."
Not Recommended July 16
"It's not even an adventure/puzzle game at this point, just a bunch of shitty QTEs strung together by insufferable minecraft OC's and guest appearances by autistic minecraft (redundant) "celebrities" "
Informational July 13
"This fucker thinks knife ears are people too."
Not Recommended July 6
"The nudity item for this game is $89.99 the total for the entire dlc library is $214.76 this piece of shit is $39.99 what monster does this!?"
Not Recommended June 29
"People are apparently still content to pay $10 for this neutered VN garbage. it's amazing really. oh don't forget that theme song track that's also $10."
Not Recommended June 27
"A shitty game with a badly written and old-meme-filled script that only has the positive reviews it does because there's an NPC in each town who asks you to leave a good review and opens the store."
Informational June 13
Not Recommended June 4
"Hurr durr it's wacky and it has an anime girl that says "I can't believe senpai is a zombie uguu~~~" we really did it reddit, have a pat on the fucking back"
Not Recommended May 30
"40 dollars for what is essentially a Lunar Lander graphical update with pinball minigame. Honestly if I knew people would buy this shit I'd get into game making by now."
Free to Play
Not Recommended May 27
""Let's port our shitty phone grinder games to steam" great idea once again Squeenix. really top notch"