Tired of accidently buying Indie kusoge and unfinished early access games? Watch out for these!

Not Recommended April 10
"Not content with making one soulless FPS dead within a month, Cucky B is back with the newest slop that's popular, a battle royal painted over with the thinnest veneer of a shitty 80's gameshow."
Not Recommended April 9
"I fear not the man who has released 1000 different games, but one who has released a single game 1000 times - Sun Tzu, probably"
Not Recommended March 29
"Don't get me wrong, NWN 1 was a great game, but to call this enhanced when it still has the same absolute shit UI and graphics from 15+ years ago is a complete joke."
Not Recommended March 23
"Elite Dangerous is the definitive massively multiplayer space epic, bringing gaming’s original open world adventure to the modern generation with a connected galaxy, evolving narrative, etc etc etc"
Informational March 8
"Isn't 350 dollars for the full masturabatory experience just a little high?"
Not Recommended March 6
"No thanks, girls are shitty enough, but this FMV turd certainly isn't going to help you be anything but more awkward."
Not Recommended February 27
"A no-effort iOS port with shit graphics filters and a shit UI sold for $15 when we were all emulating it for free back in high school. Buying this means you condone it."
Not Recommended February 23
"You fall asleep. You dream. A beloved game of yours has been remade. Except now it's a linear 3D unity horror game. You scream. There's no escape. You try and wake up. You can't. It's shit."
Not Recommended February 23
Not Recommended February 23
"This developer offered sexual favors to get us to write a review for them. Here's the review: It's shit."
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