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Not Recommended May 27
""Let's port our shitty phone grinder games to steam" great idea once again Squeenix. really top notch"
Not Recommended May 12
"No they don't."
Informational May 11
"Yet another shitty early access indie proc-gen platformer trying to pass itself off as a metroidvania, and throwing in the hot new buzzword "Souls-lite" to make you think of better games."
Not Recommended May 9
"It's just like the FPS you loved from the 90s, except with fall damage, rare health and ammo pickups so you have to play it like a cover shooter or die from gradual chip damage, and shit gun variety."
Not Recommended May 1
"A game so confused about what it wants to be, so it ends up being shit at nearly everything. Unlike CoH 1 or WC3 it fails to properly implement heroes and doctrine choices. The DoW version of CNC4."
Not Recommended April 17
"Battle Royal except everyone has automatic weapons. Wait, this is just like any other modern shooter in the past 10 years, except it's in third person and you can pretend to be worth a shit on twitch."
Not Recommended April 13
"Poopoo-lately is both an awful game and an accurate statement about PC gaming in general, a failed re-imaging of a "classic" that doesn't understand what made the original good and lacking polish"
Not Recommended April 7
"The original was removed from steam so Randy can re-release his mediocre game at full price. Don't be a shit eater and support gearbox."
Not Recommended March 29
"Americans have finally surpassed the chinese at making shitty knock-offs of superior products. Steam has reached android apps in terms of quality control."
Not Recommended March 27
"Adding voice acting to 999 and putting it on PC along with VLR does nothing to stop Uchikoshi being a hack who can't write an ending to save his life. ZE is eternally tainted by the shit that is ZTD."