“Tired of accidently buying Indie kusoge and unfinished early access games? Watch out for these!”

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Not Recommended November 15
"To celebrate Harvest Moon's 20th anniversary we've brought you what looks like a shitty phone game with the HM name on it because we have no other way to sell it. Just play FoMT again instead."
Not Recommended November 9
"This is my original character blonic the hedgehog. He's the new character you get to play as in this shitheap. He's just like sonic except he has autism and a GUN. Only slightly better than sonic 06 "
Not Recommended November 5
"Easy gameplay focused on grinding pets eternally mixed with braindead dungeons and a localisation that flanderises the characters and ruins most of the jokes. The only not shit thing is Reynn's hips."
Not Recommended November 2
"The second-worst game in the series is now on PC. Instead of buying this shit, go play 2 on the PSX, since the PSP version is a shitty remake. Then pray that they never decide to port 5."
Informational October 23
"Unfortunately there's no upgrade to get out of the shitty deathtrap the british called the Lancaster, so this game is basically just suicidal . .303 is not ok AND never will be"
Not Recommended October 7
"Shitty DLSite eroge stripped of the porn and dumped on Steam 2: Shitty musou edition. Now with even more barely coherent English!"
Not Recommended October 7
"Steam was a mistake."
Not Recommended September 8
"Early Access? ☑ Korean? ☑ MOBA? ☑ Censored? ☑ Nexon? ☑ No players? ☑ Community managers that care more about covering up virtual titties than what any of the players actually want? ☑ Shit? ☑☑☑"
Not Recommended August 26
"After 24 years the classic SNES game returns looking like a shitty Unity project from an indie dev instead of a new release from a AAA developer known for their incredible graphics. 3D was a mistake."
Informational August 20
"Compile Heart finally managed to make a decent game and then they ruined it by shipping it off to China for the English translation. It's a solid dungeon crawler under the shit script."