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Recommended February 23
"If you’ve been hankering for a game in the vein of Kinect’s “your body is the controller” titles, Sprint Vector will be right up your alley."
Recommended February 22
"Despite an abundance of bugs and some minor quibbles, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a fantastic game whose issues can unfortunately be made even worse from a frustratingly atrocious save system."
Recommended February 20
"Speed Dating for Ghosts is a cute game with some genuinely enjoyable moments, but its length is its biggest drawback."
Not Recommended February 20
"It might be an interesting game, if anyone played it."
Recommended February 16
"Crossing Souls is a love letter to the 80’s with a charming cast of characters that’s unfortunately held back by weak combat mechanics."
Recommended February 13
"A surprisingly compelling roguelike about the pleasures and perils of hunting whales."
Not Recommended February 13
"Outside of its stadium design and functional controls, the game is a glitchy mess that feels somewhat unfinished. "
Recommended February 12
"The fighting is a lot of fun if you can deal with the rest of the game."
Recommended February 9
"It isn’t a long game or a challenging one, but it excels at making clever use of light and lightness to create a beautiful, memorable world."
Recommended February 1
"Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best fighting games I have ever played."
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