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Recommended May 27, 2015
"A weird little game that mostly works because of how cool the kinaesthetics are. Basically a series of quite interesting boss-challenges."
Recommended May 27, 2015
"Very elegantly designed. It fails in expanding into the x-com-like narrative-grand-strategy it wants to be. But the core gameplay is still lots of fun."
Recommended May 27, 2015
"The most ludically conservative of the rpg ks boom, but still really enjoyable. A uber-polished "old school" isometric rpg very focused on storytelling."
Recommended May 27, 2015
"A great exercise in environmental storytelling that tells a nuanced and well developed story about war, love, cynicism and art."
Recommended February 27, 2015
"Sometimes a cutesy crate-pushing puzzle game it's all you need. Some nice intuitions in puzzle design and the beautiful aesthetics also help."
Recommended January 4, 2015
"Interesting game that bends RPGMaker gameplay to deliver a cliché but well framed contemporary drama narrative. Flawed but nonetheless interesting."
Recommended January 2, 2015
"Expressing why is Road Not Taken such a perfect game in 152 character is basically impossible. Please, go and play it. Please. Then you'll know."
Recommended January 2, 2015
"Despite using the same engine of The Walking Dead games, The Wolf Among Us manages the difficult task of feeling as a unique game. And a truly good one."
Recommended January 2, 2015
"While it still seem to "not trust" the player enough, it's a true step forward in Kan Gao ludography. A really charming story wonderfully told."
Recommended January 2, 2015
"Interesting puzzle game. Solving puzzles, while the soundtrack gains momentum with each step forward towards the solution, is a truly unique experience."