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Recommended May 10, 2016
"Dark Souls comparisons are trite, but it's actually worth doing here. This is blatantly top-down Dark Souls with mice. It's also a lot of fun."
Recommended May 10, 2016
"A smart little puzzle game with a damn strong style to it. Its "fourth wall" schtick is a little overbearing, but the game itself? Class stuff."
Recommended May 10, 2016
"A tricky but fun combat system and some cool art design. Really dug what I've played of it so far - enough to recommend it, even!"
Free to Play
Recommended May 10, 2016
"Gearbox may not much goodwill with me, but I love this colorful mess of chaotic multiplayer. Love the character design - makes me think of 90s toys."
Recommended May 10, 2016
"The Isaac fan in me leapt at yet another dungeon crawly shooter, and Enter the Gungeon most definitely scratches my particular itches. Also adorable."
Recommended May 10, 2016
"I like the bit where there is a monster. Also you can have a sword in this game!"
Recommended November 15, 2015
"Not so much a horror game as a story-driven experience boasting horror elements. No worse for that, however. A maturely written sci-fi experience."
Recommended November 15, 2015
"The blending of Warhammer with Left 4 Dead is just genius, and the fact it features Skaven is a lovely bonus. Damn solid four-player co-op rat smashing."
Recommended November 15, 2015
"The folks behind Cave Story present a cute shooter about a frog. It's nice. Just really, pleasantly nice."
Recommended October 21, 2015
"This is the kind of game you can't stop playing even when you really need a poo! Doodle Jump meets Nuclear Throne, chaotic and tactical plummeting fun."