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Not Recommended October 29
"A mind-boggingly short experience where you only need to spend less than 2 hours to Beat The Game that felt like a glorifying demo with fascinating musical elements."
Recommended October 29
"A fairly pretty and mechanically competent action RPG that's totally servicable for both fans and non-fans of the genre."
Informational October 29
"The third Holy Potatoes installment has the ability to make you go "WHAT THE HELL?!" both in its theme and stale gameplay loop."
Informational October 29
"A refreshing mix between roguelike and tower defense that's probably a bit too challenging for its own good."
Informational October 29
"An okay procedural atmospheric FPS that offered tons of exploration posibilities held back by its own limitless mystery nature and familiarities."
Not Recommended October 8
"A mechanically inconsistent metroidvania with even more inconsistent aethestic style saved by competent combat design. Promising, but still amateur-ish."
Recommended October 8
"An unsettling point-n-click thriller/drama following a detective's twist and turn that probably ended a bit too soon even without its multiple endings."
Recommended October 8
"A bittersweet interactive drama that successfuly managed to provoke deepest emotions with its modest length."
Recommended October 8
"A rocky Divine Ascension with several poorly implemented mechanics can't keep DOS2 from being a strong GOTY contender with huge level of interactivity, addictive combat and charming companions."
Not Recommended October 8
""A Japanese style game made by French developers" is Samurai Riot's double-edged sword, with general decent side scrolling slashing style that got repetitive real quick."