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Recommended October 8, 2014
"The original Costume Quest was a gem of the last generation, a unique blend of exploration and turn-based battle mechanics. The sequel is even better!"
Recommended September 23, 2014
"All of the Peggle games are fun, but this on is set in the Half Life universe. Best of all, it's free!"
Recommended September 23, 2014
"A fun little platformer where you drive a set of two spheres (a sideways colon) to the end of the typographical line. Lots of interesting history."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"This rude RPG is deep and fun for its battle system and deep exploration and collection systems. Beat it once on console, and I'm back for another go!"
Recommended September 23, 2014
"Sort of like Sudoku with words, you have to arrange letters carefully until you make the right choices. Use logic to work out the right arrangements."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"If you've somehow missed Little Inferno, here's your chance to burn stuff and solve puzzles while slowly unfolding a unique story. Worthwhile."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"This isn't your usual Luxor game. The old-school vector-style graphics give this a new feel and dynamic."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"Easy to play a quick round before bed. If you love Worms-style real time strategy, you'll enjoy the polished gameplay here."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"Only halfway delivered, and already great fun to play. Recommend you start as the girl. I think it will deliver a greater impact at the end of Act I."
Recommended September 23, 2014
"Great little head-scratcher of a puzzle game. Short, sweet and fun to unravel."