“Cool first-person-shooters (FPS's) with a variety of themes. Love to host game-servers for FPS's - where a Linux-based dedicated server build is available and compatible with either SourceMod and/or AMX-Mod-X.”

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Recommended May 3, 2015
"Its a "new" updated version of TFC and its starting to grow again, It would be nice to see some lair support for it."
Recommended October 12, 2014
"The old/original Half-Life, ported over to the Source engine. If more people played it, we would probably host a server for it."
Recommended October 12, 2014
"Ghost-in-the-Shell meets Counter-Strike - enough said. If there was a Linux dedicated server build for this - we would be hosting a game-server for it!"
Recommended October 12, 2014
"Nice update to CS - but still play old CS 1.6 and CS:Source more."
Recommended October 12, 2014
"A nice break from other FPS games. Aiming counts in this one! We host 2 servers for it ... games.weaselslair.com:6311 and games.weaselslair.com::6313"
Recommended October 12, 2014
"Niceer more customizable version of CS. We host a highly-customized server for it ... games.weaselslair.com:6307"
Recommended October 12, 2014
"Another old-school classic. We host a customized server for it ... games.weaselslair.com:6103"
Free to Play
Recommended October 12, 2014
"Very active community, lots of modability. We host a server for it ... games.weaselslair.com:6301"
Recommended October 12, 2014
"The old classic. Graphics are not great, but still fun! We host a server for it ... games.weaselslair.com:6102"
Recommended October 12, 2014
"Valve-port of old-school first-person-shooter death-match from the EARLY 1990's! We host a server for it ... games.weaselslair.com:6104"