“Video game critic at youtube.com/ButtonMashEmpire. I'll be recommending cool, artistic and niche indie titles. And probably some weird stuff, too.”

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Recommended September 13, 2016
"An excellent and unique blend of twin stick, side scroller and other styles of shooter. A wonderfully silly sense of humour, too."
Recommended September 13, 2016
"A crude visual style belies a rich and interesting strategy title. Very rewarding if you can get over how it looks."
Recommended September 13, 2016
"An astonishingly compelling puzzler. Really great to just chill out with."
Recommended September 13, 2016
"A challenging, yet satisfying shooter blending old school and modern design mechanics extremely effectively"
Recommended February 20, 2016
"Even in Early Access, feels like a fully finished game. A compelling roguelite shooter with a unique take on Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system ideas."
Recommended February 20, 2016
"Indie Portal-wannabe, though it never tries to hide what it is, and delivers solidly. One for Portal fans easily. No colourblind options though."
Recommended February 20, 2016
"Hotline Miami meets Borderlands with a cool cyberpunk theme, an interesting visual novel narrative, and a fantastic soundtrack"
Recommended December 10, 2015
"A beautiful game with an extraordinary amount of complexity and depth. A great narrative experience and a ton of replay value"
Recommended December 10, 2015
"A gorgeous game exploring mythology that has not been well explored in gaming before. Solid and compelling puzzle and combat mechanics."
Recommended December 10, 2015
"A really solid, well polished and extraordinarily fun twin-stick shooter"