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Recommended February 20
"Future Unfolding has unique though simple puzzles & an unmatched atmosphere, but does have some unfortunate repetition. It's an unorthodox yet somewhat enjoyable experience that could have been more."
Recommended February 20
"A solid, refined rogue-like with lovely pixel graphics, great level design, loot and characters. Evolutionary instead of revolutionary; pleasant way to kill things in dungeons one square at a time."
Not Recommended February 15
"Fairly boring CCG with little tactical choice and woefully limited deck building. On top it's so obnoxiously pay2win that any tiny bits of fun are wiped out the unfairness of it all. Skip even at $0."
Informational February 14
"Puzzly platformer with one unique mechanic. Too short and can use some polish but the central gimmik is interesting enough to carry the game if you don't mind the price and skew more puzzle."
Recommended February 14
"Thoroughly indie and has many of the annoyances of old-school adventure games; Eselmir is a treasure trove of interesting lore and puzzles that integrate with the story. Great if you like reading."
Recommended February 8
"A genuinely funny, engaging turned based strategy with a great theme. Strong core concept, but feels constricted by length. Player options are plentiful, but never required for success. Short but fun."
Recommended February 7
"While it's narrative heavy it's also wonderfully written, illustrated and paced. If you have any interest in hard-sci fi and all the issues it explores this is a must buy. Haunting and beautiful."
Informational February 6
"Crammed with ideas and systems so somewhat unfocused but clearly on the path to a big, sprawling, charming life sim type game. Devs have big plans and so far it's looking good."
Informational February 6
"Wulverblade's wonderful art design and reverence for European history can't save this standard brawler from its repetitive gameplay loop. Mash X all the way to the end."
Recommended February 4
"A decent turn-based tactical battler with a fantastic hidden champion mechanic that sadly only shines PvP. Therefore multiplayer is great while the campaigns are underwhelming but good for practice."
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