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Informational March 23
"If you're looking for a puzzle game where you build an object with pieces laid out, this certainly will not disappoint. However, this is a short and easy game (~30min playtime). "
Recommended March 23
"Welcome back Orwell as we delve head first into a whole new case revolving around fake news. While there are small problems here and there, the new additions made to the game adds to the immersion."
Recommended March 21
"A pretty decent horror puzzle game that has you trying to escape a dark and gloomy place as two ghosts try to make you their permanent roommate. "
Recommended March 21
"Come and manage your own Pizzeria to make the local kids happy, make tons of money, and avoid getting sued. This is a surprisingly good game that holds a dark secret behind the happy demeanor."
Recommended March 20
"A very beautiful, but sad, experimental story about a raven. Everything comes together to make a symbolic masterpiece that can mean anything and everything. "
Recommended March 19
"A short and beautifully illustrated story showing us how close three siblings are. A picture tells a thousand words and this free experimental game showcases this well."
Recommended March 16
"A nice and relaxing game that has you planting and nurturing succulents without the mess as well as a vacation mode. Free seeds every week and a seed exchange on the forums, so no need to buy seeds!"
Recommended March 14
"A weird little point & click with that sets up the building bricks for story that seems decent enough and good art. Interesting, but really need to fix their website that hosts a passcode. "
Not Recommended March 12
"A mediocre FMV game being advertised as an "educational" PUA sim. May give some laughs, but gets boring fast & the only good advice is common sense. Don't expect it to help you get any girl you want."
Recommended March 7
"A Saw inspired puzzle game that has a passable story but does have some interesting puzzles to solve. If you’ve been running low on games that test your mind, consider picking this up."
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