“A collection of fantastic games that have been covered on our podcast. We don't bother talking about bad games on the show, so everything in this list comes personally recommended.”

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Recommended November 5
"In 47:30 of Episode 42 we explain why this constantly improving strategy game is effectively trying to be Hearthstone but for miniature wargaming and how it (mostly) executes on that."
Recommended November 5
"Brutal and demanding, but also rewarding and satisfying. 30:35 into Ep 42 of the podcast we discuss all of this, plus why naming party members ratchets up the tension and emotional investment further."
Recommended October 9
"Strange, surprising, satisfying, and some other adjectives that don't begin with "S". Head to 36:03 of Episode 40 for why you should spend some time with Susan."
Recommended October 9
"We really enjoyed Oxenfree, but we recommend you play it in a specific way to get the most from it. Skip to 46:18 of Episode 40 for our full thoughts."
Recommended September 16
"A faithful adaptation of the board game upon which it's based, this ultra quick game of strategy is perfect for quick games with friends. Our full thoughts can be heard at 57:15 of Episode 39."
Recommended September 2
"A worthy spiritual successor to Limbo, Playdead's moody exploration game grabbed Kris's attention and never let go, which he explains about on the podcast."
Recommended September 2
"Our Dan has fallen in love with Sonic all over again after playing Sonic Mania - a game that successfully returns to its fast-paced 2D platforming roots."
Recommended August 1
"What Remains of Edith Finch? Well we won't spoil it for you, but head to 23:04 of Ep36 for why it's a story of staggering beauty."
Recommended July 16
"A perfect dip-in, dip-out adaptation of the award-winning board game that has had the team hooked for weeks. Head to 14:20 of Episode 35 for our full thoughts on it."
Recommended June 1
"Part car ownership sim, part car mechanic sim, all stress: Jalopy is an engrossing and pleasantly stressful romp across the countrysides of Eastern Europe. Go to 39:08 of Episode 32 for more."