A collection of games that have been covered on our podcast. We tend not to bother talking about bad games on the show, so everything in this list comes recommended.

Recommended February 17
"Who doesn't like mucking about among the stars in a steam punk space train? This is an excellent follow-up to Sunless Seas, for our full thoughts head to 53:25 of Episode 49 of the podcast."
Recommended January 16
"Sam and Kris have been playing this manic and madcap cookathon and, as you'll hear on Episode 47, the more players you add, the more intense the game gets."
Recommended January 16
"InnerSpace is a curious mix of Journey's unguided exploration and Sky Odyssey's flight mechanics. Sounds good, right? And it is. For our complete thoughts, head to 48:10 of Episode 47."
Recommended January 7
"Dungeons + Dragons + Clicker? Yep, it totally works. Go to 57:14 of Episode 40 of the podcast for complete thoughts on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms."
Informational January 1
"We discuss how the dungeon-defending mechanics and retro aesthetic of Boss Monster work so very well together from ~22 mins into Episode 46 of the podcast."
Recommended January 1
"Stardew Valley is easily the best Harvest Moon-esque game in years. Go to 36:05 of Episode 46 for an almost embarrassing amount of praise being heaped upon it."
Recommended January 1
"Dungeons 3 became a bit of an obsession for our special guest Greg Giddens - he even managed to get 100% of the achievements! You can hear all about it from 30:35 of Episode 46."
Informational December 3, 2017
"From 42:40 in Episode 44 we discussed how, while very enjoyable to play, the mechanics of Watch Dogs 2 nonetheless don't sync up with the social commentary that seems to run through its core."
Recommended November 5, 2017
"In 47:30 of Episode 42 we explain why this constantly improving strategy game is effectively trying to be Hearthstone but for miniature wargaming and how it (mostly) executes on that."
Recommended November 5, 2017
"Brutal and demanding, but also rewarding and satisfying. 30:35 into Ep 42 of the podcast we discuss all of this, plus why naming party members ratchets up the tension and emotional investment further."
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