“A collection of fantastic games that have been covered on our podcast. We don't bother talking about bad games on the show, so everything in this list comes personally recommended.”

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Recommended July 16
"A perfect dip-in, dip-out adaptation of the award-winning board game that has had the team hooked for weeks. Head to 14:20 of Episode 35 for our full thoughts on it."
Recommended June 1
"Part car ownership sim, part car mechanic sim, all stress: Jalopy is an engrossing and pleasantly stressful romp across the countrysides of Eastern Europe. Go to 39:08 of Episode 32 for more."
Recommended May 18
"It's no exaggeration to say that we got absolutely hooked on Star Realms, its fast-paced strategic gameplay, and cross-platform multiplayer. Get it downloaded."
Recommended May 18
"The perfect game for couples looking to co-op across the galaxy on their couch. Skip to 25:55 of Episode 31 for all that, plus the life you find on planet Staying In."
Recommended May 18
"We thought this was a decent enough Batman adventure, although it suffers from having gone through "the grandma filter". 45:20 of the podcast for what on Earth that actually means..."
Recommended April 16
"Witty dialogue supports a frenetic and satisfying RPG shooter with a narrative that - while easily missed - builds out the world nicely. Skip to 11 mins into Episode 29 for a more detailed breakdown."
Recommended April 16
"A delightfully cute, disarmingly thoughtful platformer with an endearing pixel art style, that's well worth a download. Full thoughts on the game begin at 17:20 of Episode 29."
Recommended April 16
"A faithful adaptation to the spirit of the original game, New 'n' Tasty is an excellent starting point for those new to the world of Abe and pals. Skip to 19:30 of Episode 7 for our discussion of it."
Free to Play
Recommended April 16
"Clickers are a dime a dozen these days, but when one truly gets its hooks in you, you know it has to be good. Enter AdVenture Capitalist, which we discuss at length from 20:58 of Episode 24."
Recommended April 16
"Beginning at 8:22 of Episode 15, we explain how The Room's tight, claustrophobic interiors open up to reveal worlds of ingenious puzzle design."