Artistic games: creative aesthetics, deep contents, mature storytelling, complex interactivity, expressive characters, smart design, engaging dialogues, exciting atmospheres, innovative gameplay, original ideas.

Informational March 8
"Original variation on maze gameplay. Mechanical ballet of math shapes accompanied by pleasant background music. Elegant and dynamic aesthetics. Smart game design with a lot of creative challenges."
Recommended February 13
"Existential drama about relationships, growing, change and decay; thrilling adventure in comics style. Beautiful aesthetics; too many texts, no acting voices. One of the best indie game of 2017"
Recommended February 6
"P.&C. adventure set in awesome scenarios replicating Flemish Reinassance paintings. Full of humor, irreverent and "heretical". No acting voices. Good classical music. Very short. Cultural value."
Informational January 16
"Awesome aesthetics, handmade paper models and drawings, fluid animation, screenshots as paintings; frustrating, incomprehensible and poor gameplay, it fails to engage players and to express contents. "
Informational January 15
"Crazy and pretentious artistic multimedia crossover; Lynch's Eraserhead meets RPG! Impressive flux of psychedelic and surreal visions and illustrations leaves you astonished. Not for everyone."
Informational January 12
"Low budget game: newspaper management stimulating critical thinking about mass media influence on social and political topics. Smart chain of consequences depending on player's choices. "
Recommended January 7
"Adventure on a mysterious island, magic atmosphere, enchanting scenarios with day-night cycle, explorative and contemplative gameplay, not only puzzles. A mix of Journey, ICO and The Last Guardian."
Not Recommended December 25, 2017
"Unnecessary prequel to DontnoD's masterpiece. Soap-Opera-like teens are stereotypical, childish and whiny. Rare poignant moments. Badly written story, not consistent with the sequel."
Recommended November 26, 2017
"Cyberpunk horror characterised by visionary environmental metamorphosis with great aesthetic effect, aimed to surprise players but hiding a short narrative breath and clear production limits."
Recommended October 21, 2017
"Teen drama with a supernatural plot centered around a group of friends metaphorically imprisoned in the time loop of their adolescence and confronting with their inner ghosts"
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