“Artistic games: creative aesthetics, deep contents, mature plot, complex interactivity, expressive characters, smart design, engaging dialogues, exciting atmospheres, innovative gameplay, original ideas.”

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Recommended October 21
"Teen drama with a supernatural plot centered around a group of friends metaphorically imprisoned in the time loop of their adolescence and confronting with their inner ghosts"
Informational October 15
"Not so engaging sci-fi experience, poor visual expression, passive interaction, interesting contents about AI and corporations approached in a simple and quick way, characters & dialogues a bit down."
Informational September 30
"One-man team indie. Intimate autobiographic confession. Relaxing and metaphoric journey. Emotional storytelling. Gorgeous aesthetics. Contemplation rather than interaction. Some flawed mechanics."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended September 6
"In a crescendo of emotions the game defragments and recomposes narration through an unprecedented interactive and cyclical process. Wilson's music and impressionist aesthetics are a hymn to beauty."
Reviewer received this product for free
Recommended July 6
"One of the best game of 2016, deep and mature, an immersive descent into the abyss of madness through the disturbing corridors of an abandoned psychiatric asylum suspended between past and present"
Informational June 28
"Through few resources it's able to make you feel sorrow, dehumanization and decay during war times."
Informational May 25
"Adult story about loss of freedom, innocence and love in a dictatorial regime. Horror is for a greater commercial appeal."
Recommended May 17
"Inspired by Inside. Amazing aesthetics and animations. A hard metaphor for social climbing: for avoiding to be eaten by others, you have to be a merciless predator and aspire to power..."
Recommended April 29
"Immersive, powerful, visionary! That's creative madness! How to go beyond the borders of traditional videogames and open new ways to art! That's what i call virtual interactive artistic experience!"
Recommended April 10
"Surreal and magic experience supended in time and space, filled with symbolisms and metaphors about the loss of the loved ones and the difficulty to quickly grow up on your own and become adult."