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Recommended June 29
"If you're looking for a relaxing puzzle game to really make you think, Lines has you covered. Simple mechanics to learn with puzzles that change every time, and a great jazzy piano soundtrack."
Recommended May 12
"[EARLY ACCESS] A beautiful Metroidvania with procedurally generated levels? I've been waiting for a game like this for ages! It plays as nice as it looks and I'm having a blast with it so far!"
Recommended April 13
"Mr Shifty is every bit as fast-paced as Hotline Miami, but focuses more on fast movement than ultra-violence. Choose to go in stealthy or full Nightcrawler action. I like this game a lot!"
Recommended April 11
"They could have done more with the bear theme, but it's a well-made rogue-like shooter and it plays nicely. Replay value maybe a little low, but a solid first effort from Skandivania Games!"
Recommended March 14
"It's a simple concept but well executed. A couple of interesting modes (like CTF) help shake up the standard Snake format a little. Some odd UI decisions, but that doesn't really get in the way."
Recommended March 8
"Take bits of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and Deus Ex, mix with a dash of Zelda and a great sense of humour. That's basically Streets of Rogue. Great fun. Very replayable. Highly recommended."
Not Recommended January 19
"Was it too much to hope that a game built around an obvious premise had something better under the surface? Yes it was. The whole thing can be explained with a single screenshot. Don't bother."
Recommended January 18
"EARLY ACCESS. Randomly generated 3D platforming with a customisable robot. Has a lot of potential for the future, but definitely use a joypad!"
Recommended December 25, 2016
"It only does one thing, but Kick Ass Commandos is a good simple shooter. You won't get endless hours out of it, but if you feel like blowing up a bunch of stuff it's alright."
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Recommended November 21, 2016
"EARLY ACCESS. Although Paladins is still in development, they've already nailed what makes most MOBAs fun - balanced characters & interesting abilities."