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Informational January 22
"ASS (yes really) is designed to get reactions via frustrating physics. I usually hate these, but this one is fine. Consistent physics and endless UGC levels. Not great, but better than expected."
Not Recommended September 18, 2017
"I was really hoping that BDS was going to subvert my expectations, but it didn't. In the end it's basically just a 1st person clicker. But with rubber ducks. That you can bounce."
Not Recommended September 6, 2017
"As a clone or tribute to Wipeout, Formula Fusion aims high but never quite hits the mark. It's more like a direct copy than an improvement and ultimately loses out to the far superior Redout."
Not Recommended July 24, 2017
"Dead Purge Outbreak is a wave-based FPS with zombies. It has some really nice gibbing and it looks pretty, but the maps are way too small and uninteresting to make it worth picking up."
Recommended June 29, 2017
"If you're looking for a relaxing puzzle game to really make you think, Lines has you covered. Simple mechanics to learn with puzzles that change every time, and a great jazzy piano soundtrack."
Recommended May 12, 2017
"[EARLY ACCESS] A beautiful Metroidvania with procedurally generated levels? I've been waiting for a game like this for ages! It plays as nice as it looks and I'm having a blast with it so far!"
Recommended April 13, 2017
"Mr Shifty is every bit as fast-paced as Hotline Miami, but focuses more on fast movement than ultra-violence. Choose to go in stealthy or full Nightcrawler action. I like this game a lot!"
Recommended April 11, 2017
"They could have done more with the bear theme, but it's a well-made rogue-like shooter and it plays nicely. Replay value maybe a little low, but a solid first effort from Skandivania Games!"
Recommended March 14, 2017
"It's a simple concept but well executed. A couple of interesting modes (like CTF) help shake up the standard Snake format a little. Some odd UI decisions, but that doesn't really get in the way."
Recommended March 8, 2017
"Take bits of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and Deus Ex, mix with a dash of Zelda and a great sense of humour. That's basically Streets of Rogue. Great fun. Very replayable. Highly recommended."
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